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Crosser for Snowflake

Ingest pre-processed, ready-to-use data to Snowflake.

Ingest ready-to-use data to Snowflake - from any data source

No matter where your data is located, in the edge, on-premises, in your cloud or in a SaaS service, use Crosser to run batch ETL and Streaming ETL to ingest ready-to-use data to Snowflake.

Industry agnostic

Crosser is uniquely positioned in industrial verticals such as manufacturing, process industry, oil & gas, utilities and machine builders/OEMs.

But the platform is equally relevant for any industry vertical including ecommerce, technology, real estate, public sector, telecom, insurance, financial service, retail and many others. 

The Data warehouse is not a graveyard. Integrate to & from Snowflake with Reverse ETL

Just ingesting data to Snowflake is not enough. The data needs to be put in action.

Crosser supports bidirectional integrations from Snowflake to any other destinations on-premise/edge, SaaS or in any Cloud.

Crosser Module Library

Crosser set of Snowflake modules

Crosser Snowflake Insert Module

Snowflake Insert

This module inserts flow message data into Snowflake database row(s).

Crosser Snowflake Select Module

Snowflake Select

This module retrieves rows from a Snowflake database table and returns them as an array in a flow message.

Crosser Snowflake Executer Module

Snowflake Executer

This module executes a raw SQL statement.

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