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Crosser Flow Studio and the concept of Modules

Simplicity & Low life-cycle Costs

We are obsessed with simplicity and low life-cycle costs and have designed the Flow Studio as a Low Code platform to allow users to design, deploy and manage data Flows with ease. 

Low Code Development

The Flow Studio is a drag-and-drop visual design tool where you select and connect pre-built building blocks called modules to develop your Flows. The simplicity of the Flow Studio empowers non-developers to build, test and deploy Flows faster than ever.

Concept of Modules

The library of Modules is packed with building blocks that makes it easy to build intelligent pipelines for stream analytics, integrations and automations. The ever-expanding library of modules with connectors and modules for data transformation, analytics, data processing and actions. The ever-expanding library empowers you to become a data integration & automation hero without programming skills. 

Crosser Flow Studio

1, 2, 3 - Done!

A library of building blocks called Modules and a graphical drag-and-drop user interface to build your stream analytics and integration pipelines. It doesn't get easier.

Crosser Low Code Simplicity Step 1

Select your modules.
Connect and Configure in Minutes.

Crosser Low Code Simplicity Step 2

Test the Flow. Use the Sandbox.
Or use real data from your designated node.

Deploy to designated Node.
Run the Flow - Done!

Fight Complexity with Simplicity

Machine sensor data. Shop Floor systems. Historians and other databases. File systems. Thousands of Tags. Dirty data. Raw data. Real-time data and batch data. Limited or costly bandwidth. On-premise systems. Cloud systems and SaaS applications. 

There are many drivers of complexity and in combination with skills shortage and high learning-curves for most systems the challenges are vast. Our response is to offer a platform where ease-of-use and agility has been put in the center without limiting the ability for custom innovation. We call it Low-Effort.

Low Effort guaranteed


In a real-time world Flows are a central concept as data is continuously created and streamed.

  • Build advanced Flows with drag-and-drop
  • Use a library of pre-built modules and connectors
  • Save your Flows as FlowApps - templates to reuse
  • Leverage FlowApps built by Crosser to get you started faster
  • Build a Flow from scratch in minutes or re-use existing Flows in seconds


The modularity and flexibility of the Crosser Nodes make it possible to design Flows with full flexibility.

  • Multiple inputs and outputs in one single flow
  • Full flexibility on data formats. No restrictions either in or out
  • Multiple Flows per node. No limitations
  • Credentials Catalog. Enter your Cloud, SaaS and Enterprise system Credential once and reuse them for new flows
  • Resource Catalog. Create resources like Tag Lists, ML models, Python/C# scripts and Data Mapping Templates and reuse them in your Flows

Loved by both “clickers” and “coders”

Software developers are smart people and smart people hate to spend time doing unnecessary tasks. The rich library of pre-built modules makes it possible for developers to focus on creating differentiating value, instead of re-inventing the wheel.  

The Crosser Platform

Low Code = Our Code + Your Code

We don't believe in no-code solutions as it limits the possibilities for customization. Instead Crosser offers a full range of options to add your own value on top of the native modules Crosser provides. 

  • Code Modules. Support for C#, Python and Javascript code that you can mix with the native modules provided by Crosser
  • SQL Modules. Write your own SQL statements, queries and code
  • Bring your own AI. Run any Python ML/AI model in Crosser
  • Open SDK. Build your own custom module
  • Universal Connector. Build connectors for any REST-API using a five-step wizard

Enterprise Smartness

Crosser for Your Custom Code


Test the Flow in a sandbox in your Crosser Control Center account.

Crosser Live Test View

Live Test View

Test the Flows on a running Crosser Node self-hosted by you and do remote debugging.

Crosser Version Control

Version history and control

A deployed Flow can't be changed without creating a new Flow version.

Crosser Mass Deployment

Mass Deployment

powered by the Crosser Control Center. Deploy a Flow to an unlimited number of self-hosted Crosser Nodes in one single operation.