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Crosser Pricing

Straightforward pricing that scales with your success

Self Service Simplicity | Flexibility | Enterprise Grade

Build & Integrate Crosser IPA Edition Crosser IIoT Edition
Low Code Simplicity
Flow Studio - graphical Flow designer
FlowApps - by Crosser Labs
Step-by-step Testing/debug of Flows
Cloud Sandbox
On-premise Test & debug
Access to Connector Library
Enterprise Connectors - Output
Cloud & SaaS Applications - Output
Crosser Connect Tools - Output
Industrial Protocols/PLC
Enterprise Connectors - Input
Cloud & SaaS Applications - Input
Crosser Connect Tools - Input
Edge/On-premise connectivity
Processing and Analytics Crosser IPA Edition Crosser IIoT Edition
Data Engineering
Data Transformation
Data Cleaning
Enrich Data
Data Harmonization
Intelligent Data Mapping
Conditions, Business Rules & Logic
IF-this Condition Filters
Multi-Path Flows
Change Data Capture
Range Filters
Validate Message Data
Approval Steps
Custom logic and AI/ML
Calculations, Counters & Statistics
Message Counters
Time Counters
Math Expressions
Smooth and Toggle
Triggers, Alerts & Notifications
Event-driven Triggers
Time-based Triggers
Alerts & Notifications
Message Builders
Data Trigger
Develop Crosser IPA Edition Crosser IIoT Edition
Developer Tools for specialists
Custom Code
Bring your Own AI & ML add-on add-on
Open SDK
Universal Connector
Array Tool Box
Key-Value Store
File Tool Box
Communication Patterns
REST Endpoints
Advanced Message Queues
Deploy & Manage Crosser IPA Edition Crosser IIoT Edition
Crosser Control Center - SaaS service
Crosser Control Center - On-Premise add-on add-on
Crosser Flows-as-a-Service
Hybrid Architecture
Crosser Node
Deployment options
Performance & Reliability
No-downtime Flow deployment
Multi-Flow Support
Secure Provisioning of Crosser Nodes
Enterprise Grade Platform Features
Flow Versioning
Flow Sharing and Grouping
Advanced Access Rights
OpenID Connect & Active Directory Integration
Credentials Vault
Resource Catalog
Life-cycle Management
One-click dynamic deployment of Modules & Flow Configurations
Grouping / Labeling of Crosser Nodes
Mass deployment of Flows
Dynamic Parameters
Edge MLOps
Flow Management
Monitoring & Validate with FlowWatch
Monitoring Dashboards
Flow Monitoring & Alerts
Crosser Node Monitoring API
Data Freshness Monitoring
Data Validation
Streaming Data Validation
Data Volume Validation
AI/ML Model Monitoring