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Crosser Edge Solution Overview

Crosser IoT Edge Solution

  • Full IoT Platform feature set
  • Lightweight Edge Node software
  • Central orchestration solution
  • Use your favorite Cloud Provider or your own data center for storage of data
  • Integrate with any Enterprise system

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Crosser Edge Solution - Crane Lifting

Machines. Equipment. Devices.

  • Collect sensor data from all your assets.
  • Connect any protocol. Any PLC. Any hardware.
  • On-premise, distributed or mobile assets.
  • On your site or at your customers sites.

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Crosser Edge Node Cranes Example

Compute the data at the Edge

  • Data analysis and processing where you need it.
  • Add metadata. Clean, prepare and normalize the data.
  • Make your Big Data small with advanced filtering, aggregation and compression.
  • Detect outliers and anomalies in real-time with standard or custom algorithms.

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Crosser RealTime Data Example

Act on data in real-time

  • Act on your streaming IoT data in real-time.
  • Low latency, machine-to-machine communication triggered by events.
  • Create Alerts & Notifications based on advanced business rules.
  • Build multi-hierarchy actions based on severity levels.

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Crosser Enterprise IoT Integration

Event-driven Real-time Integration

  • IoT, OT and Enterprise data convergence
  • Real-time enable your enterprise data flows
  • Any Cloud Service. Any application. Any Enterprise system.
  • Use standard connectors or build your own using our open and easy-to-use SDK

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Ease-of-use and Lifecycle Management

  • Solution designed for the IT end-user, no developers needed.
  • The Flow Studio is an easy-to-use visual design tool
  • Use the centralized Edge Director to orchestrate your network of Edge Nodes.
  • Mass deployment of configuration changes and software updates.

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SCA Forest, Ostrand Factory Sundsvall, Sweden

Case Study: Industrial IoT for SCA Forest

SCA uses Crosser to manages transportation and flow control for wood industry processing sites and to coordinate the communication for the management system of road storage and arrival notifications to the lumber distribution site.

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