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Crosser Nodes

The Real-time Engine

Based on our in-house developed real-time stream analytics engine, the Crosser Node software allows you to collect any data source, build intelligent pipelines to transform, analyze, process and act on the data and integrate it using pre-built modules and connectors. 

Collect data from IoT, video/audio streams, files, APIs, databases, enterprise systems, SaaS or mobile applications. Become event-driven with real-time triggers and Change Data Capture (CDC).

Process the data in the edge, on-premises or in the cloud and take actions based on advanced pipeline workflows or your own ML model or code. Run local triggers with millisecond latency. Connect to Cloud Providers or your own datacenter for storage and historical analysis or integrate the streaming data with your Enterprise systems in real-time.

The Crosser Platform

Real-time Power with In-Memory processing

The Crosser Node is deployed in a Docker container in a small footprint, yet it’s very high performing. 

  • Scales with hardware up to 100.000 messages per second and beyond. 
  • Infinite scaling for Flows-as-a-Service when Hosted by Crosser in our serverless architecture based on Microsoft Azure
  • Edge MLOps based on an open ML strategy. Run your favorite ML Framework in the Node and design it as part of a Flow
  • Built on .NET core and only 500MB in footprint
  • Integrated HTTP Server and MQTT broker

Bring Your Own AI - Edge MLOps Made Easy

There are many great ML frameworks and solutions in the market and our strategy is to let you choose. The Crosser Node is designed to host different 3rd party frameworks and we currently support all Python based frameworks.  

Examples of Python frameworks supported

  • TensorFlow
  • Scikit-learn
  • Keras 
  • PyTorch

Learn more about Crosser MLOps → 

Real-time Stream Analytics & Integrations

Industrial machine data, IoT devices, enterprise transactions, CDC, application events. Process your data in real-time. 

  • Ingestion and Processing of streaming and batch data.
  • Enrich, add metadata. Clean, prepare and normalize the data.
  • Move data continuously to your cloud storage / data lake.
  • Make your Big Data small with advanced filtering, aggregation and compression.
  • Detect outliers and anomalies in real-time with standard or custom algorithms.
  • Run your own ML models.

Crosser Control Center

A Hybrid-First approach with One Control Center

Few businesses have moved 100% to the cloud and few should. There are several good reasons why a hybrid architecture makes sense for most companies, including cost of networking, cost of data storage and compute, latency and security. Managed from one Control Center, the Crosser Nodes can seamlessly be installed anywhere to access and process your data in a distributed hybrid architecture:

  • In your own cloud account or multi-cloud
  • In your own on-premise data center
  • In your production sites, retail sites or buildings
  • In remote edge locations; assets in the field
  • On mobile assets, ships, vehicles or heavy machines

Intelligent Pipelines & Automation. Remove Data Silos

Unleash the power of your data. Build intelligent pipelines & automations ultra-fast with Crosser and run them anywhere.   

  • Connect to +800 data sources with the connector library
    • Streams from IoT, machines, Video/Audio and Apps
    • Batch data. Files. API’s 
    • Change Data Capture (CDC)
  • Transform data with standard modules or with SQL
  • Process & run analytics with advanced logic with out-of-the box modules
  • Complement with your own code or ML model
  • Trigger actions and smart automations
  • Integrate to any destination in the Cloud, on-prem or in the edge

Explore Integration & Automation →