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Crosser Nodes

The Real-time Engine

Built for the Industry

Based on our in-house developed real-time analytics engine, the Crosser Node software allows you to collect any data source, build automated workflows to transform, analyze, and act on the data and integrate it using pre-built modules and connectors. 


Collect Any Data

Collect streaming and batch data using any Protocol, any PLC/OT system or any Enterprise System. Select from the rich and ever-growing library of standard modules or use the open SDK to easily build your custom collector module. 

Enterprise Ready

Process the data in the edge and take actions locally based on advanced business rules or your own ML model or code. Run local triggers with millisecond latency. Connect to Cloud Providers or your own datacenter for storage and historical analysis or integrate the streaming data with your Enterprise systems in real-time. 

Real-time Power with In-Memory processing

The Crosser real-time runtime is built with C# on top of .NET Core and delivered in a Docker Container for maximum agility and flexibility.

  • Deployed in a Docker container and runs on any Linux, Windows or Unix-enabled server or gateway. 
  • Run the container on a virtual machine (VM) 
  • Lightweight, only 200MB in footprint
  • Built on .NET core
  • Real-time processing of any data
  • Millisecond latency
  • High performance that scales with the hardware to over 100.000 messages per second
  • In-Memory processing

Bring Your Own AI - Edge ML Ops Made Easy

There are many great ML frameworks and solutions in the market and our strategy is to let you choose.

The Node is designed to host different 3rd party frameworks and we currently support all Python based frameworks. Do you have another framework that you’d like to run in the Node as part of a Flow? Let us know.

Examples of Python frameworks supported:

  • TensorFlow
  • Scikit-learn
  • Keras 
  • PyTorch

Learn more about MLOps →

Real-time Streaming Analytics

Industrial machine data, IoT devices, enterprise transactions, events. Process your data in real-time. 

  • Ingestion and Processing of streaming and batch data
  • Enrich, add metadata. Clean, prepare and normalize the data
  • Move data continuously to your cloud storage / data lake
  • Make your Big Data small with advanced filtering, aggregation and compression
  • Detect outliers and anomalies in real-time with standard or custom algorithms
  • Run your own ML models

Real-time Integration & Automation. Remove Data Silos

Leverage the Crosser Node for Hybrid Integration & Automation between on-premise data sources and cloud systems and services. Integrate with Intelligent Workflows.

  • Collect data from any protocol, PLC, Hardware or system  
  • Streaming or Batch Data from databases
  • Receives or retrieves data
  • Build in MQTT broker and HTTP server
  • IoT, OT and Enterprise Integration
  • Any SaaS or Cloud Application
  • Rich library of Connectors

Real-time Automation Workflows - Build Invisible Apps

Bots? Robot Process Automation? Not for us. We call it what it is:

Intelligent Workflows that empower processes across systems and platforms. Liberating people from doing repetitive, work-intense and time-consuming tasks:

  • Collect data from any data source
  • Build Flows with an easy drag-and-drop studio 
  • Configure business rules, conditions and triggers
  • Add your ML model if needed
  • Integrate with pre-built connectors

Total Flexibility with Hybrid Architecture and Microservices

Deploy the Crosser Node Docker container anywhere.

  • Design the Flows in Crosser Cloud
  • Orchestration, OTA updates and  mass-configuration through Crosser Cloud
  • Deploy the Crosser Node in the Edge, On-Premise or in any Cloud
  • Leverages the advantages of Docker containers and microservices

Learn more about the Crosser Node Director →

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