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Crosser Flows

Crosser Platform

One Control Center. Hybrid-First.

Low Effort Stream Analytics & Integration that Anyone can Master

Linking your Digital Dreams with your Legacy Nightmares

The Future is Hybrid

Experience the best of two worlds.

  • Leverage the modern technologies of cloud and from having central control and management for all your Flows and Nodes.
  • Benefit from the advantages (security, latency and local data connectivity) of running processing on your own infrastructure; in your cloud, on-premise or at the edge. 
  • Run Horizontal Stream Analytics, Integration and Automation inside your firewall. 
  • Integrate with anything inside or outside the firewall.

Flow Studio

Turn everyone into Citizen Developers with Low Code Simplicity

Say goodbye to the bottlenecks in your organization. 

  • Low code empowers more team members to innovate without being dependent on IT. 
  • Pre-built modules and drag-and-drop make innovation easy and faster than ever.
  • Also loved by developers. Accelerate your developer productivity with Low Code.
  • Combine our modules with your own Python, C# or Javascript code when needed.

Explore the Crosser Flow Studio →

Small. Powerful. AI.

The Crosser Node is deployed in a Docker container in a small footprint, yet it’s very high performing. 

  • Scales with hardware up to 100.000 messages per second and beyond. 
  • Infinite scaling for Flows-as-a-Service when Hosted by Crosser in our serverless architecture based on Microsoft Azure.
  • Edge MLOps based on an open ML strategy. Run your favourite ML Framework in the Node and design it as part of a Flow.
  • Find anomalies. Smart Integration. Build automations.

Learn about the Crosser Node →

Data Observability for your Data and Data Flows

Monitor, Validate and Control your Data and Data Integration Flows

With Crosser FlowWatch you are on-top of all your streaming, batch and API Data Flows. Wherever they run.

  • Flow Monitoring & Alerts
  • Data Freshness Monitoring
  • Data Validation
  • Streaming Data Validation
  • Data Volume Validation
  • AI/ML model Monitoring

Read More about the Crosser FlowWatch Features→

Low Effort with smart life-cycle management

70-90% of the Total Cost of Ownership of software deployments is typically related to hidden manual tasks over the life-cycle. 

The Crosser Control Center is packed with smart features for: 

  • Secure Node Provisioning
  • One-click deployments of Flows
  • Mass-deployments of Flows
  • OTA Software Updates
  • Edge MLOps

Read more about the Crosser Control Center →

Enterprise Grade Simplicity

Designed for the toughest Enterprise requirements for scale and security. Yet easy-to-use for anyone. A paradox? Not this time.

  • Advanced Access Rights
  • Version Control of Flows and Modules
  • Credential Vault
  • OpenID Connect / Active Directory Integration
  • Resource Catalogue for your own resources like ML Models/Scripts and Tag Lists.

Become Event-driven with Streams, CDC, Report-by-Exception & Anomaly Detection.

The modern enterprise is event-driven and real-time enabled. The foundation for this is the ability to connect to any data source and capture and act on changes. New data, updated data or deleted data. We have you covered for all of it.

  • IoT / Machine Data. Process streams of IoT data and take actions based on smart conditions. 
  • Report-by-Exception. Only trigger actions on streaming data if the data value changes.
  • Webhooks gives you the ability to connect to SaaS services that push events. Could be payments or orders. 
  • Pub/Sub like WebSockets and MQTT let you subscribe to topics important to you. 
  • Change Data Capture (CDC) support in databases lets you keep your data in sync.
  • File Watcher detects changes to files that can trigger events.
  • Anomaly Detection. Apply fixed rules, custom algorithms or ML/AI models on streaming data to detect anomalies on IoT data, Video/Audio, user behavior or transactions.