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One Control Center

Hybrid deployment

Manage everything from the Crosser Control Center, the control plane for self-hosted nodes on-premises, in the edge or self-hosted in your own Cloud.  

The Crosser Control Center is managed by Crosser but is also available for on-premise installations in  your own cloud or data center.

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The Crosser Node

Powerful in-memory processing

The Crosser Node is the real-time runtime where all the data processing takes place. Install it on your infrastructure in the edge, on-premises or in your cloud. The Crosser Node is delivered in a Docker Container for maximum agility and flexibility.

  • Deployed in a Docker container or as a Windows Service
  • Lightweight, only 500MB in footprint
  • Includes full Python Framework
  • Crosser Node Built on .NET core
  • In-memory processing
  • Millisecond latency
  • Powerful processing with over 100.000 messages per second per node (hardware dependent)
  • Persistent storage

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Low Code and Low Effort. It doesn't get easier.

Build integration pipelines and automations with low effort and faster than you can imagine. 

  • Low Code. The Flow Studio lets you build integration and automation pipelines faster with pre-built modules and drag-n-drop
  • Your Code. Add your own Python, C# or Javascript code to add your own flavour
  • Workflow Automation. Triggers, Condition Logic and Actions
  • FlowApp templates. Templates get you going in no time
  • Community with free on-line training and certifications. All the knowledge you need to succeed

An All-in-One Platform

Streams, Batch, Files, Apps, API’s and CDC Data

Connect to any type of data, transform it, apply advanced logic and deliver ready-to-use data or triggers to any destination.

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