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Machine Learning at the Edge - Execute and orchestrate ML close to your assets
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Crosser Bring Your Own AI Strategy
Crosser - “Bring your own AI” to enhance the Edge Intelligence in Industrial IoT
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Crosser Vision Inspection Edge Analytics Blog
Vision Inspection for Industrial IoT. Powered by Edge Analytics.
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Stockholm/Munich, 21 January 2021 - Crosser and Advantech announced today that they have initiated a strategic alliance to empower global industries with Advanced Edge Analytics.

Vienna, January 14, 2021: Two of the leading solutions providers in the industrial IoT space have announced that they are partnering to offer customers a unique edge computing package...

The industry magazine Manufacturing Technology Insights recently named Crosser among the Top 10 Smart Factory Solutions in Europe 2020.

"..the Power of Low Code for Industrial IoT and Enterprise Integrations..."
- Listen to Crosser CEO and Co-founder Martin Thunman sharing his view of the rise of Edge Analytics & Integration for Industrial IoT and Industry 4.0

Crosser announces availability of it’s low-code platform on Azure Marketplace which empowers non-developers to innovate faster and at a lower cost.

The capabilities of the Crosser solution opens up for a large number of cloud streaming use cases. Here are the top four:

Interview with Crosser CEO & Co-founder, Martin Thunman and Crosser Regional Sales Director DACH, Kai Schwab

A common problem in our industry is data mismatch, data from different sources, to send it to other systems that expects data in another format. These situations are where data transformation and harmonization...

- What is the potential of data in manufacturing?
- Which technologies are supporting the factories of the future?
- How can appropriate solutions be applied and used?

An important use of machine data is to calculate different KPIs to measure the performance and behaviour of machines or processes. Edge analytics is a perfect tool both for collecting the relevant data and calculating...

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