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Crosser and AVEVA Solution Brief

Data-driven Maintenance Work Order Management with Crosser and AVEVA

Explore how Crosser and the AVEVA System Platform, empowers manufacturers to scale their Work Order Process Automation into SAP, revolutionizing operations.


This solution brief demonstrates how global manufacturers can achieve remarkable efficiency gains in maintenance work order management, reduce operational risks, and leverage existing technologies for a more streamlined and future-proofed approach by utlizing a modern low code platform for intelligent data flows and pipelines.

Project background

The customer faced a significant challenge with its existing automated work order management system. This system relied on monitoring maintenance metrics using PLCs alongside predefined trigger points. AVEVA System Platform was responsible for initiating SAP to trigger specific work orders aligned with predefined work plans. However, this approach demanded manual adjustments to PLCs and the AVEVA System Platform each time a new device was introduced or new parameters were required.

Moreover, when a SAP work order was completed and counters needed to be reset to zero, manual connections to the PLCs were necessary, introducing operational risks and requiring substantial manual effort with each new device or reset. The existing approach not only carried operational risks with each change but also imposed significant manual labor for every new device and reset process.


Crosser Flow Example OPC and AVEVA to SAP
Crosser Flow Example | AVEVA and OPC-UA to SAP for Data-Driven Maintenance Orders


The Crosser and AVEVA Solution

Leveraging the customer’s existing software and technologies, Crosser implemented a simple, yet powerful data flow for executing the designated operation.

Crosser’s newly invented Data Trigger module, monitors an unlimited number of data sources and triggers actions based upon defined conditions, became a key component to complete the operation.

Plant operators gain access to the Crosser platform with role-based permissions, enabling them to identify assets for monitoring and manage asset metadata. The metadata determines how the assets would behave under specific trigger conditions, such as SAP Work Plans, work order frequency, and reset capability.

Data collected from AVEVA Insight is then integrated and compared against the trigger conditions. When assets are identified as meeting these conditions, work orders are automatically generated in SAP, (provided there were no outstanding or recently closed work orders within a configurable time period.) Regular status checks of work orders in SAP ensure timely updates.

Upon closing a work order for a reset-capable asset, data is published to an MQTT Broker, facilitating the transmission of data to AVEVA System Platform. The platform, in turn, resets the appropriate counters on the required PLCs.

Results and Summary

The adoption of this innovative solution brings significant outcomes:

Simplified Operations

Crosser’s solution effectively removed the need for manual PLC and SCADA programming for maintenance Work Order management, significantly reducing operational risks.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Operator intervention time per asset was drastically reduced, streamlining maintenance processes and enhancing operational efficiency.

Future Ready

The implemented solution was designed to seamlessly accommodate the addition of new assets, ensuring the customer’s readiness for future expansion.

Complete and Strengthen the existing stack

Crosser maximized the utilization of the customer’s existing technologies, both on-premises and cloud-based, optimizing their infrastructure and minimizing additional investments.

With Crosser’s state-of-the-art solution, the global manufacturer has successfully transformed their maintenance work order management, mitigated operational risks, and drastically reduced operator intervention time, all while preparing for future growth and innovation.

Low Code Simplicity

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About the author

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