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Press Release

tesa chooses Crosser to simplify its Streaming Data & Cloud Integrations

Stockholm, 30 March 2023 - Crosser, the leading low-code platform for Stream Analytics & Integration, today announced that tesa SE, the global leader in innovative adhesive tapes and self-adhesive system solutions, has chosen Crosser as their preferred integration solution for their smart factory initiatives.

tesa chooses Crosser to accelerate their journey to become more data-driven across their operations. Crosser radically simplifies digitization projects for real-time processing of streaming, event-driven or batch data for Intelligent Pipelines & Automations and for Industrial IoT.

“The success of our smart factory initiatives is driven by the ability to extract value from our production and business data. The selection of Crosser is a result of great collaboration across various tesa functions and will now accelerate various of our use cases,” says Quentin Quiehl from tesa SE.

Digital projects depend on the ability to implement effortlessly and with unlimited flexibility. The artery of data-driven architectures for smart factory initiatives is the capability to integrate streaming, event-driven or batch data with ease.

“The Crosser solution enables us to easily integrate data on our production and technology systems to run advanced real-time analytics and algorithms. It also allows us to run streaming ETL on machine (IoT) data and integrate directly our cloud Analytics platform which simplifies the architecture and reduces the cost,” says Martin Gutberlet from tesa SE.

The Crosser ability to easily connect to more than 800 industrial and enterprise systems in the edge, on-premises or in the Cloud, including the biggest cloud- and data warehouse providers in the world, makes Crosser ideal for collecting and processing any data within tesa’s 14 production sites.

“We are very proud that tesa has chosen Crosser for this important initiative'' says Crosser CEO Martin Thunman. “Implementing an end-to-end data-driven architecture is not a project, it's a journey and we look forward to support the tesa team along the way.”

About Crosser

​​Crosser designs and develops a hybrid-first Stream Analytics & Integration software for any Cloud, on-premise or Edge. The Crosser Platform enables real-time processing of streaming, event-driven or batch data for Intelligent Pipelines & Automations and for Industrial IoT. All managed from a single Control Center and powered by a low-code and low-effort experience.

The platform is ideally suited for businesses in various industries with ambitions for event-driven experiences for their data movement, integrations or automations.

About TESA

As a multinational company, tesa develops innovative adhesive tapes and self-adhesive system solutions for various industries, commercial customers, and end consumers. There are already more than 7,000 tesa adhesive solutions that help improve the work, products or lives of our customers. Today, the focus is on sustainability and energy-saving processes. tesa invests in the development of environmentally friendly products and solvent-free manufacture processes as well as in the use of renewable energy sources at its locations.

tesa is active in 100 countries and operates plants in Germany, Italy, China, the USA, and soon also in Vietnam. Around three quarters of the tesa Group’s sales (2021: EUR 1,499 million euro) are generated by applications for industries. Together with its international clients, tesa develops innovations that are customized at product and process level. Already more than 130 tesa tapes may be installed in an electric car and over 70 in a smartphone. In the printing and construction industries, too, tesa is constantly penetrating new segments and countries with its special adhesive tapes. The company generates almost one quarter of its sales with products for end consumers and professional craftsmen. 300 applications, such as the legendary tesafilm®, make life easier or, when it comes to insect protection, even make it a bit more pleasant. tesa counts among the world’s leading manufacturers of adhesive solutions. Since 2001, tesa SE is an independent 100% affiliate of Beiersdorf AG (i.e., NIVEA, Eucerin, la prairie) with approx. 4,800 employees today.

About the author

Johan Jonzon | CMO

CMO & Co-founder

Johan has 15 years background working with marketing in all possible type of projects. A true entrepreneurial spirit operating between strategic and hands-on details. He leads our marketing efforts as well as the product UI design.

Sales and market-oriented with a focus on getting the job done. He has worked with web and communication in Sweden and internationally since 1999. Since 2012, Johan has been focusing on real-time communication, and the business and operational benefits that comes with analyzing streaming data close to the data sources.

I want everything we do to be clean, simple and very, very user-friendly. We strive to be the clear leader in usability among our peers.