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Features & Capabilities

Crosser FlowWatch

For Your Data and Data Flows in a Hybrid World

Are you On-Top of your Data Flows?

The concept of Data Observability is broad. At Crosser we prefer to think of it as capabilities that answers the following questions:

  1. Are my integration flows working as they should?
  2. How fresh is the data? Did the data arrive when it should?
  3. Does the data have the right data distribution? Is the data matching expected values?
  4. Is the quality of the data from my sources as expected or is there data drift
    (eg unexpected changes to schemas) Is the volume from my sources as expected?
  5. Is my data team the first to know if there is a problem?
  6. If there is a problem, how fast can we identify the root cause?

Built for Hybrid Deployments. Edge-to-Cloud.

Observe your Data Flows wherever they run

With Crosser FlowWatch you are on-top of all your streaming, batch and API Data Flows. Wherever they run.

  • Flow Monitoring & Alerts
  • Data Freshness Monitoring
  • Data Validation
  • Streaming Data Validation
  • Data Volume Validation
  • AI/ML model Monitoring

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Drag-and-drop Smartness

FlowWatch - Powered by Low Code Simplicity

The Flow Studio makes it very easy to build, monitor and troubleshoot data flows using a combination of the modules available.

Shop-Floor Data Observability

First platform for Industrial Data Observability

Crosser is the first platform that brings Data Observability to the Shop-Floor. Now you can monitor and make sure all your industrial data integrations work as expected and that the data flows between all your systems in the right way.

  • PLC, OPC and Historian data
  • ERP
  • Supply Chain
  • APM and PLM
  • Cloud and Data Warehouses

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The natural place for Data Observability

Monitoring the data when it flows between systems

Unlike other integration and ETL platforms, Crosser has advanced real-time processing capabilities to monitor and validate the quality of the data as it passes through the system.

  • Detect quality issues in real-time
  • Monitor the uptime of your integration Flows
  • No need for additional tools
  • Simplify your tech stack and save money

No Extra Cost

The best of all - it’s Free

All the Crosser FlowWatch capabilities are included for free for all users of the Crosser Platform without extra cost.

  • Monitor your integrations and data flows
  • Validate and check your data for anomalies
  • Sleep great at night for no extra cost