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Stream Analytics & Event-Driven Integrations from any source

The modern enterprise is event-driven and real-time enabled. The foundation for this is the ability to connect to any data source and capture and act on changes. New data, updated data or deleted data. We have you covered for all of it.

  • Report-by-Exception. Only trigger actions on streaming data if the data value changes.
  • Webhooks gives you the ability to connect to SaaS services that push events such as payments, orders or updated records. 
  • Pub/Sub like WebSockets and MQTT let you subscribe to topics important to you. 
  • Change Data Capture (CDC) support in databases lets you keep your data in sync.
  • File Watcher detects changes to files that can trigger events.
  • Anomaly Detection. Apply fixed rules, custom algorithms or ML/AI models on streaming data to detect anomalies on IoT data, Video/Audio, user behaviour or transactions.

Bypass complicated Cloud Services or instead of Apache Kafka

Stream Analytics in your favourite cloud

Crosser Stream Analytics is the only solution that provides all the features you need in one product, including AI support. It replaces a long series of complicated Cloud Services that often require highly specialized skills.

Crosser is also a lightweight and easy-to-use alternative for Apache Kafka that too often is a go-to solution for event-processing and streaming analytics. While it make sense for some ultra large enterprises to use Apache Kafka, most companies can use Crosser with lower cost, faster development and less headaches. This applies for most use cases, for others Crosser can be used to complement and enhance Apache Kafka.

You can easily deploy the Crosser Node in any cloud and you are ready to innovate faster than ever with low-code simplicity, powered by the Flow Studio.  

Introducing Crosser

The All-in-One Platform for Stream Analytics Integration

Crosser is a hybrid-first platform that in one Low-code platform has all the capabilities that you traditionally would need several systems for.

In one easy-to-use platform:

  • Data Ingestion & Integration
  • Streaming ETL
  • Batch ETL/ELT
  • Reverse ETL - bidirectional
  • Event Processing
  • Stream Analytics
  • Functions & custom code (python, C#, JavaScript)
  • Inference of AI/ML models
  • Automation Workflows

Platform Overview

Crosser Platform for Stream Analytics

Explore the key features of the platform here →

Want to learn more about how Crosser could help you and your team to:

  • Build and deploy data pipelines faster
  • Save cloud cost
  • Reduce use of critical resources
  • Simplify your data stack

Data → Crosser → Storage

One Platform for all your stream analytics and real-time needs. Easier, smarter and faster.

  • Collect SaaS data. Use REST API connectors to connect to any SaaS Application or enterprise back-end.
  • Data Transformation. Transform and enrich your data.
  • Data Reduction. Filter and aggregate the data. Store only relevant data.
  • Rules Engine. Process events based on rules & conditions. Build smart automations workflows.
  • Own code. Drop your own C# or Python code into code modules.
  • Machine Learning. Bring your own ML model. Drop it in as part of a Flow with standard modules.
  • Build custom modules. Full flexibility for own innovation.
  • Triggers & Alerts. Send triggers to other devices, systems or apps or use 3rd party services for SMS or e-mail notifications (Slack, Nexmo, SendGrid etc).
  • Cloud Storage. Send processed data to cloud storage. 

Fight Complexity with Simplicity

Self-Service Innovation powered by Crosser Flow Studio and Crosser Nodes. 

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop Flow Studio 
  • Use a rich library of pre-built modules
  • One Application for all your real-time needs

Process and act on events in milliseconds

Act on changing data from IoT devices or from other data sources with ultra-low latency. Most use-cases see single digit millisecond latency through the Crosser Node and the performance scales with the size of the VM. Up to over 100.000 messages per second.

Contact us for more performance details →

Bring your own AI

No other platform offers the ability to integrate 3rd party ML frameworks in a Visual Flow. Combine pre-built modules with your ML model in one Flow. This gives you unlimited flexibility to innovate and optimize your business.

Understand Crosser Edge MLOps Capabilities →

Build Invisible Apps without coding

Build invisible apps using the Flow Studio and save them as FlowApps. Connect devices, back-ends, SaaS Applications and more. Integrate with pre-built connectors.

Learn more about the Flow Studio →

Stay Cloud Independent

Worried about becoming completely dependent on your Cloud provider if you use too many services? Crosser allows you to have a multi-cloud strategy and to change provider at any time.

Deploy your solution anywhere

The Crosser Node with the real-time engine can be installed anywhere. In any Cloud. On-premise. At your data-center provider. In the Edge. You have full flexibility. 

Learn more about the Crosser Node →

Predictable cost. No surprises.

A pricing model you can understand and that scales with your business. No surprises.

Read more under Features & Pricing →

Crosser Flows-as-a-Service

Zero Infrastructure Headaches

Don´t want to bother about IT infrastructure? Then we have you covered. We offer a fully managed service where all you need to worry about is getting a Crosser account and start innovating.

Learn more about Crosser Flows-as-a-Service →