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Based on our in-house developed real-time analytics engine, the Crosser Edge Node software allows you to collect sensor data from all your connected assets - equipment, machines or devices.

Collect data using any Protocol, any PLC, any Hardware or any System. Select from the ever-growing library of standard modules or use the open SDK to easily build your custom collector module.

Process the data in the edge and take actions locally based on advanced business rules. Run local M2M communication with millisecond latency. Connect to Cloud Providers or your own data center for storage and BI/deep analysis or integrate the streaming data with your Enterprise systems in real-time.

Crosser Edge Nodes feature highlight

Real-time Power

  • Lightweight and powerful - runs on any Linux, Windows or Unix-enabled hardware
  • Real-time processing of data - millisecond latency
  • Full IoT feature set - independence from Cloud IoT Platforms
  • Offline support - local storage and sync when connectivity re-connects

Real-time Integration

  • Collect data from any protocol, PLC, Hardware or system (Modbus, Profibus, OPC-xx, MQTT etc.)
  • IoT, OT and Enterprise Integration
  • Connect to any Cloud Provider for storage,¬†analytics, and visualization
  • Deploy on your site or at your customers' site

Real-time Streaming Analytics

  • Add metadata. Clean, prepare and normalize the data
  • Make your Big Data small with advanced filtering, aggregation and compression
  • Detect outliers and anomalies in real-time with standard or custom algorithms
  • Secure your asset data with encryption, authentication and access rights

The Orchestration Platform

Moving from proof-of-concepts to large-scale rollouts requires deep understanding and respect for life-cycle challenges.

How do you keep track of different types of assets (machines, equipment, devices) that require different configurations, algorithms, and modules? And how do you make changes to an algorithm without being dependent on developers or IT-specialists that often are bottlenecks in an organization? Especially if that change is to be made across thousands of Edge Nodes?

There are many operational challenges to consider in order to secure lowest possible life-cycle cost and project success.

Life Cycle Management

Crosser Cloud, the central orchestration platform, is designed to address and automate tasks related to:

  • Design of flows
  • Set-up of Edge Nodes
  • Mass Roll-out
  • Asset awareness and hierarchies
  • Configuration updates
  • OTA (over-the-air) Software updates with automatic, secure roll-back
  • User administration and access rights
  • Integration to Cloud and Enterprise systems
  • Edge Node monitoring and data statistics
  • Streaming Data Insights
  • Security, authentication of Edge Nodes

The Flow Studio is a key component of the Crosser Cloud that allows you to graphically build your streaming flows. Its drag-n-drop functionality, standard modules, and an intuitive user interface is designed for your end-users and not developers. Crosser Cloud runs in our Cloud, your Cloud or on-premise.

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