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The Platform

Crosser Cloud and Crosser Node

Crosser Cloud is the heart of the Platform where all Design and Orchestration takes place. It’s a multi-tenant SaaS service hosted by us but also exists in an on-premise version that you can run as your own private cloud, inside your firewall.

Crosser Node is the real-time engine that you install where you need it. In the Edge, on-premise on the factory shop-floor or in any cloud. Anywhere where you can run a Docker container.

Process data as close to the source as possible and build a network of Nodes with ease.

Crosser Platform Overview

Self-service powered by the Flow Studio

Pre-built modules and drag-and-drop make innovation easy and faster than ever

Designed to empower collaboration between users:

Automation Engineers, IT teams, Data Scientists, Product Specialists, and Maintenance staff

Explore the Flow Studio

Small. Powerful. AI.

The Node is deployed in a Docker container in a small footprint, yet very high performing

Scales with hardware up to 100.000 messages per second and beyond.

Edge MLOps based on an open ML strategy. Run your favorite ML Framework in the Node and design it as part of a Flow.

Find anomalies. Smart Integration. Build automation.

Learn about the Crosser Node

Save time and money with smart life-cycle management

70-90% of the Total Cost of Ownership of software life-cycle is typically related to hidden manual tasks.

The Edge Director is packed with smart features designed to address and automate provisioning, deployment, mass-configuration changes, Edge MLOps and software updates.

Edge Director features

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Start innovating today. How it works:

1. Get an account
2. Log in and start designing your flows in the sandbox
3. Download the Crosser Container to your local test node
4. Test with real data