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Nodes Management

The Crosser Node is the execution runtime for Flows. it can be installed as a single Docker container, or as a Windows service.  A Node can run multiple Flows and Flows can be updated/added without re-starting the container/service and without affecting other Flows.

The Node is a http-server that covers pub/sub communication patterns. The node als has a built in MQTT-broker and supports full-duplex communication over websockets.


List of hardware, software and network requirements for installing nodes

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Step-by-step guide for installing a Node

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Updating Nodes

The different procedure to update a Node depending on the installation environment.

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Local Configuration

Understand the different environmental variables for local configuration of nodes.

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Node Monitoring

Understand how to monitor deployed nodes over API or local log files

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Installing Nodes with Kubernetes

Understand the requirements and steps for installing Nodes with Kubernetes 

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