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Crosser Terminology - our lingo

Crosser Control Center – the web service that is used to design the processing flows to run in Crosser Nodes. Crosser Cloud is hosted by us. This is where you log-in, create and manage all components of the Crosser Platform.

Flow Studio – the low-code visual development studio. This is where you innovate and build your Flows by connecting different modules together in a workflow/data pipeline.

Modules – a library of over 100 building blocks for collecting, analyzing and acting on data. New modules are added constantly. Contact us if you need a module that’s not in the library. It might be coming soon.

FlowApp – a working Flow saved as a template to be reused. Why reinvent the wheel? Could be built by you, by us or from partners or other third parties. Stay tuned for an upcoming User Community.

Crosser Node – the real-time engine that collects and processes the data. Can be installed on an edge gateway, an on-premise server or VM or in your private Cloud. Anywhere you can run Docker.

Credentials – a central encrypted repository for storing your login credentials (username, password, access keys etc) to different systems and applications. It simplifies for you so that you don't need to enter the same information every time you want to access a system.

Resources – a central library of your resources. A resource is something that is either used when configuring modules in flows, such as OPC UA tag lists or Modbus register mappings, or files that need to be downloaded into the Crosser Nodes when deploying flows. Or your custom scripts or ML models.

Parameters – specific settings that you want to reuse in multiple Flows or when you want to reuse the same Flow multiple times but there are unique settings (IP address, username/password credential etc).

Labels – You can put labels on your Nodes in order to create grouping. This way you can deploy the same Flow to an unlimited number of Nodes in one operation.