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Management of Resources, Credentials and Parameters


In the Control Center, users manage Parameters. Parameters are use case specific settings that needs to be implemented for flows to run in a designated environment. Parameters address the following two use cases:

  1. You want to use the same Flow on multiple Nodes, but some settings are different

  2. You use the same setting in multiple Flows, e.g. credentials for access to some external service, and this setting sometimes changes. An example is a username/password credential where you have to update the password every 6 months. Instead of changing every Flow that use that credential you can use a parameter and update all Flows by just changing the parameter

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The Control Center supports the use of centrally managed resources. A resource is something that is either used when configuring modules in Flows, such as OPC UA tag lists, Modbus register mappings, Python Libraries, or files that need to be downloaded into the Nodes when deploying Flows.

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The Credentials library is a central repository for storing credentials needed by flow modules when accessing external services, for example username/password or API keys.

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