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Add custom functionality

Even though Crosser offers a comprehensive library of modules that covers most common functionalities needed when designing Flows for different use cases, there may be situations where you don't find what you need. Don't worry, Crosser is an open platform where you can add you own custom functionality. Let's look at some ways this can be done.

Code modules

The easiest way to add custom functionality is to use the code modules. These let you write your custom functionality in your language of choice (C#, Python or Javascript). With these modules you can enter small pieces of code directly in the module settings. For larger pieces of code you can use the resource library and upload your files and then add them to your Flows. 

The Python Bridge module gives you access to a standard Python environment, where you can also install third-party libraries. This can for example be used to install a ML library and then load a trained model and use that to process your message data.

Universal Connectors

This is not really about adding new functionality, but to help you and your users re-use a REST API to either get or send data from external systems. Using a wizard you can create a custom module where an API call is parameterized and can use data either from module settings or Flow messages. In this way to don't need to remember all the details of a specific API and can focus on the relevant settings that needs to be configured for each use case. If you want you can add a custom icon and write documentation, to make the module even easier to use.

SQL Executers

All Flow builders may not be SQL experts and to make it easy for them to work with data in databases we provide the Select/Insert modules mentioned earlier. But sometimes you need to do a bit more advanced processing and SQL is a powerful way to do that when working with databases. The the Executer module are very useful, by allowing you to use any custom SQL statement when interacting with your databases. If you need to combine data from multiple tables, or restructure the data to fit your Flow, this is the way to go.

Custom modules (SDK)

For full flexibility we also offer a .NET SDK that can be used to build your own custom modules and add them to your library. Especially for connector modules this is the best option. Contact us if you want to get more information on how to build custom modules.