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Crosser Academy

The Crosser Academy is the starting ground for deeper understanding of the Crosser platform and functionalities. The Academy is divided into two parts:

Fundamentals course

The Fundamentals course is intended for users with no or limited experience of the Crosser solution. You can follow this course using any Crosser account, including free-trials. This is an on-demand course and you complete it at your own pace.

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Advanced Sessions

When you have completed the Fundamentals course we offer a series of sessions that cover more advanced topics. Each session covers a specific topic and they can be completed in any order, based on your interests.

The setup is the same as for the Fundamentals course, i.e. a presentation followed by exercises that you complete on your own. Any account can be used to complete these sessions, but some may require installation of local software to complete the exercises. Links to video recordings of the presentations can be found with each session. PDFs of the presentations are available for download at the bottom of the page.

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