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Top 10 Edge Analytics Use Cases

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Format: Webinar recording
Duration: 30min
Language: English

Use Case & Project Examples

Use Case examples and inspiration from clients and projects all over the world. And a couple of in depth examples of IoT Edge Data Flows built in Crosser Flow Studio.

Analyze Data with Machine Learning

Analyze Data with ML

Machine Learning is a very common topic. Using machine models to predicts deviations and faults of the machine.

Predictive Maintenance Use Case

Predictive Maintenance

  • Real-time analytics and Machine Models
  • Fragmented Stack of Protocols
  • Tag Management
  • Notifications and Messaging
Cleaning & Normalization of IoT Data

Cleaning & Normalization

A common IoT scenario is collecting data from various sensors and devices. Often communicating with different protocols...

Remote Condition Monitoring

  • Streaming Analytics - Connected assets
  • Send notifications and updates to service engineers and manufacturers
  • Enhanced Security
Anomaly Detection Data Flow

Anomaly Detection

Another common IoT scenario is anomaly detection within a machine, device or process. These detections often trigger various...

Connected Machines (in the field)

Connected Machines

  • Collect and compute data in the field
  • Reduce bandwidth
  • Deadband handling (loss of connectivity)
  • Anomaly Detection with Notifications
Rnd Evaluation of AI framework

AI Framework Evaluation

  • Install multiple AI-algorithms
  • Testing, and comparison of AI-functions
  • Self Service requirements
On-Premise IoT

On-Premise IoT

  • IoT behind factory firewalls
  • Docker deployments requirements
  • Advanced Machine Models
Process Control Loops

Process Control Loops

  • Cost reduction when using Cloud services for Industrial use-cases
  • Cloud Service Independence

Image recognition AI

  • Real-time image analysis
  • Collect data and update AI
  • 3rd party Real-time Integration
Real-time integrations and offloading legacy ERP systems

Real-time integrations and offloading legacy ERP systems

  • Off-loading legacy systems
  • Integration to 3rd party systems (legacy)
  • Future Proof Legacy Data Center
Real-time integrations and offloading legacy ERP systems

Remote Water Pollution Measurement

  • 3G/4G bandwidth limitations
  • Integration to Big Data Cloud Center
  • Event-based Alerts and Notifications
Smart Gateways

Smart Gateways

Applying smart software to gateways and devices for enhancing and simplifying streaming analytics as part of device offering. Independent, embedded software leverages the total offering of the connected device.

Smart Train Crossing

Sound recognition for smart crossing. Detecting damaged wheels and other issues that may occur during heavy train transports. Need for advanced edge analytics and sending data to the cloud for historical usage...

Smart City Lights

Remote controlled lights for the smart city and road network. Shifting light depending on changes in the surroundings and different need of lights. Smart gateways with a mesh network used to host and help...

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