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IIoT Edge Analytics

How to Simplify SQL integration for Industrial Data

About This Webinar

Learn how to stream your IIoT data into any SQL database with the Crosser Low Code Platform.

Sending data to SQL servers and databases is a central operation for any IT or IoT project. In this webinar, Crosser CTO, Dr. Goran Appelquist will walk you through how to radically simplify SQL integration and operations for industrial data.

Discover how to stream single records, batch data or even data from files into your SQL environment without any SQL knowledge. Learn how to trigger stored procedures and use SQL statements for more complex queries.

Welcome to Crosser Webcast - Where Intelligent Integrations meet Enterprise Data


  • Introduction to Crosser’s pre-built connectors for various SQL databases
  • Understand Edge to SQL integrations
  • Learn how to stream any data in and out of your SQL environment
  • Understand how to trigger stored procedures and use SQL statements in the Crosser Low Code environment