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Partner Webinar

IIoT Edge Computing Made Simple - Nerve and Crosser Introduction

About This Webinar

Welcome to Nerve and Crosser joint webinar

Edge Processing is a hot topic among international industries. The need to process data close to where the data is generated is growing. Opening for real-time insights and actions, lowering cloud costs and adapt to on-premise infrastructure.

In this webinar, Nerve and Crosser will introduce their bundled solution for radically simplifying edge deployment at scale. Saving time and cost throughout the whole life-cycle of an Industrial IoT project.


  • Learn about the Nerve and Crosser bundle, and why it simplifies Industrial IoT projects
  • How do you get started with Nerve and Crosser? - short example and tutorial
  • Edge Computing Example 1: Industrial Brownfield Installations
  • Edge Computing Example 2: Machine Learning at the Edge