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IIoT Edge Analytics

Edge Analytics & Integration for the Factory Floor

Learn more about IIoT use-cases and real-life projects

About This Webinar

Integrating data from machines, OT systems and enterprise systems on the Factory Floor is a big topic within Industry 4.0. Learn how intelligent integrations with logic, including machine learning, can add significant value on your shop floor.

In this webinar, David Nienhaus, Senior Solutions Engineer at Crosser will show you how a modern edge analytics platform is used to design, deploy and maintain all your intelligent integrations in a centralized way. Using pre-built connectors for the most common PLC:s, industrial protocols and enterprise systems.

Welcome to Crosser webcasts - Where Edge Analytics meets Industry 4.0


  • How edge analytics can enhance and simplify factory floor integrations
  • How the Crosser Edge Analytics solution empowers non-developers to innovate faster than ever