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IIoT Edge Analytics

Data Driven Stream Processing

About This Webinar

Join the Crosser webcast and learn how to use metadata driven stream processing for performing calculations, validations and comparisons in your real-time data flows and pipelines.

In this webinar, dedicated to enterprise data simplicity, Crosser Senior Solution Engineer, David Nienhaus will show you how to use metadata and resources files for grouping, mapping, performing calculations, validations and other actions for OPC-UA, Modbus and Siemens S7 data.

Welcome to Crosser Webcast - where Intelligent Integrations meet Enterprise Data.


  • The concept of Data Driven Stream Processing
  • How to enrich your data tags with metadata using Crosser
  • How to use metadata for tag specific processing
  • Example 1 - Energy Meter integration
  • Example 2- Data routing and processing for streaming data