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Make your Messy Legacy part of your Digital Future

If you are like the respondents in our recent Benchmark Survey you definitely have a number of challenges.

Hyper Automation requires a new approach

Key New Requirements includes:

  • Smart. Intelligent Workflows that can analyze and act on advanced conditions. Incl. AI/ML.
  • Hybrid. Run the Workflows anywhere. In the Cloud or on your own infrastructure.
  • Easy. Empower Citizen Developers, your normal users at any department
  • All Data. IoT, Enterprise, SaaS, Web, Mobile.
  • Real-time. Instant action on Events (new data/changed data) without delays.
  • The Crosser IPA (Intelligent Process Automation) Edition natively support these new requirements and more.

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Your landscape. Your headache

This simplified landscape picture has 10 main categories of software systems and 25 subcategories such as ERP, MES, EAM, FSM, CRM - or any other three-letter abbreviation you depend on.

Furthermore, Enterprises typically have multiple vendors for many of their software categories due to history, acquisitions, local decisions etc. 

And then, we have the shop floor with all the different machines and OT systems. Say “hi” to complexity. But where there are challenges there are opportunities.

Inter-System Automation. Each system normally takes care of their data & processes well but in-between lays the opportunity.

What Could You Automate?

Bridge your data silos with real-time Intelligent Workflows and turbocharge your digitalization journey.

  • Create an amazing Customer Experience
  • Speed up your Supply Chain
  • Free up Inventory
  • Increase Operational Efficiency
  • Improve Product Quality
  • Make your legacy environment smart and extend its life length
  • Get an amazing ROI by removing manual steps in your “in-between” processes.

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Crosser IPA Edition

Horizontal and Vertical Integration and Automation Workflows

Integrate any on-premise system or cloud application with Intelligent Workflows and Automations with the Crosser IPA (Intelligent Process Automation) Edition. 

  • Connect data from any apps, systems or machines.
  • Production, Maintenance, Engineering, Supply Chain, Sales & Marketing or Finance - any business team is empowered without being dependent on IT
  • Allow you to run automated workflows and integrations on-premise. Secure and fast.
  • Launch Intelligent Workflows across your enterprise faster and easier thanks to the intuitive Low code Flow Studio.
  • The connector library supports +700 systems and applications.

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What is faster than fast? FlowApps.

FlowApps are saved Automations that make it possible for you to re-use and share your work.

There is a library of FlowApps provided by us that saves you time and helps you get going faster. Stay tuned for an upcoming Community that will allow users to share FlowApps with other Crosser users. 

Data Mapping? Piece of cake.

To have a single version of the truth the data need to be aligned between systems.

Preferably in real-time and event driven. When new data is added or a field is changed that needs to be transferred to other key systems that use the data. The Crosser Visual Data Mapper makes this an easy and super-fast task.

Digital Transformation is not a Project. It’s 1000 mini-projects.

It’s about empowering an entire organization to address all the hundreds of glitches and flaws in your processes and in-between your processes. What if you could: 

  • Identify and remove all manual steps in your processes
  • Transform manual processes to digital & smart workflows
  • Empower each department and teams to innovate themselves
  • Remove IT as a bottleneck
  • Experience a Time-to-Value ten times faster than your current pace of innovation

Want to forget about IT infrastructure?

Then Crosser Hosted Automations is for you.

We have you covered. We offer a fully managed service where all you need to worry about is getting a Crosser account and start innovating.

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How Crosser Uses Crosser

Our quest to become wildly efficient internally

Although we are a software company and not an industrial business
we use Crosser IPA internally. During a first half-day workshop
we identified 44 different use cases that we started to implement
and the list has grown substantially.  

Here are some examples where we use Crosser IPA

Customer Life-cycle

  • Automatically set up Free Trial Accounts in Crosser Cloud when a user fills in a Free Trial form.
  • Create Accounts and Contacts in Salesforce automatically
  • Send email and Slack messages to sales team based on customer behaviour
  • Support case escalation notifications to Executive Sponsors

Data Synchronization & Automation

  • Sync data between different systems to create a single version of the truth. 
  • Support, Sales, Accounting, Crosser Cloud, Marketing and Operations are now Integrated and Automated.

System Monitoring

  • We monitor the availability of the Crosser Cloud and 
  • Alerts and notifications are sent our if there are issues
  • We automatically calculate uptime statistics and publish data to our BI tool

How Crosser Uses Crosser

The Benefits

The overall objective has been to experience the product ourselves in order to have a true user experience. This is making the product better as we find improvement areas while using the product. 

The second key objective has been to become more efficient. Simply to enable us to do more. But there are other benefits:

  • We deliver a better support experience to our customers
  • We sleep better at night knowing that our systems are monitored
  • The sales team work smarter with more information available in Salesforce
  • The evaluation experience is smoother as we allow customers to try the software in a no-touch process. 

As we move forward we plan to publish a blog-series with details of the use cases we have implemented as well as building more FlowApps that customers can use as templates to implement similar use cases. 

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