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Data Integration

How to choose the best Data Integration Platform

Key Considerations Selecting a Data Integration Platform

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What is Data Integration?

The term Data Integration is the process of handling data from different data sources and use it across multiple systems and/or as a unified single view. It generally involves sending, transforming, harmonizing and receiving data. 

9 Important Considerations

(According to our Customers)

Crosser Connector Library

1. Connector library

The quality of a reverse ETL tool's connectors is only as good as the tool itself. Examine the connector library as well as the depth of the critical connectors.
Learn more about Crosser Connectors here →

Crosser Event Driven Integrations

2. Event-Driven Integrations

Event-driven architecture allows you to create powerful real-time integrations. Instead of waiting for a scheduled sync, your pipelines should be updated instantly across all your applications.

Crosser Intelligent and Rule Based Analytics

3. Intelligent and Rule based

Intelligent and condition based pipelines allow you to update the specific data that should be updated. This will speed up your updates and make your business applications smarter and faster.

Crosser Hybrid Integration

4. Hybrid Integration

A hybrid platform increases your flexibility and enables your company to integrate to systems wherever they are located. Connect to cloud-based or on-premise applications behind fire-walls.

Crosser Reliable and Speed

5. Reliability and Speed

Your reverse ETL tool's arguably most important feature is its synchronization reliability and speed. For various use cases, you probably have multiple syncs pulling from the same connector.

Crosser Easy to Use Platform

6. Easy-to-Use

You must be able to use the tool, regardless of its theoretical superiority. Crosser offers a low-code drag-and-drop environment, for anyone to master.
Read more about the Crosser Flow Studio here →

Crosser Secure Platform

7. Security

Your customers expect you to safeguard their sensitive information and your reverse ETL tool must uphold the required security standards.

Crosser Cost of Platform

8. Cost of the Platform

Transparent pricing and the ability to calculate costs as the business grows is important to most business managers.
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Crosser Support

9. Support

Equally crucial is the presence and expertise of the support team. You need a partner who will assist you in making the most of the upscaling of your data strategy.

Introducing Crosser

The All-in-One Platform for Modern Integration

Crosser is a hybrid-first platform that in one Low-code platform has all the capabilities that you traditionally would need several systems for.

In one easy-to-use platform:

  • Data Ingestion & Integration
  • Streaming ETL
  • Batch ETL/ELT
  • Reverse ETL - bidirectional
  • Event Processing
  • Stream Analytics
  • Functions & custom code (python, C#, JavaScript)
  • Inference of AI/ML models
  • Automation Workflows

Platform Overview

Crosser Solution for ETL, ELT and Reversed ETL

Explore the key features of the platform here →

Want to learn more about how Crosser could help you and your team to:

  • Build and deploy data pipelines faster
  • Save cloud cost
  • Reduce use of critical resources
  • Simplify your data stack