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One Platform for all your Real-time Needs

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The Crosser Platform

“Linking your digital dreams with your legacy nightmares”

As an enterprise you can´t ignore your legacy systems but with Crosser you can make your messy legacy part of your digital future.

  • Turbocharge your digitalization journey
  • Run any real-time analytics, integration and automation use cases for Industrial IoT or Intelligent Process Automation
  • Make your legacy environment smart
  • Move beyond integration. Add intelligence and workflow automations to remove manual work 
  • Create an amazing customer experience with real-time automations
  • Get deep and actionable insights with real-time analytics
  • Connect anything. Remote assets, on-premise systems and cloud applications. 
  • Leverage a rich library of connectors that let you connect to over 700 systems & applications.

Crosser IIoT

Crosser IIoT - Run Edge Analytics on all your Industrial IoT data. With Ease.

Collect sensor & machine data from all your assets. Analyze, process and act on your real-time data in the Edge with the Crosser IIoT Edition.

  • Industrial Connectivity to any PLC, OPC server, Historian, files or databases
  • Transform and enrich your machine data to create a common data model
  • Make big data small and relevant with intelligent data reduction features and save cloud / storage cost
  • Calculate operational KPI’s and OEE and get deeper insights. Take automatic actions on calculated KPIs with smart conditions and rules
  • Analyze machine data in real time and trigger M2M automation with logic, including ML
  • Integrate everything on the shop floor with transformation and smart workflows

Read more about Edge Analytics for Industrial IoT → 

Crosser IPA

Intelligent Workflows for the Shop Floor and the Top Floor

Integrate any on-premise system or cloud application with Intelligent Workflows and Automations with the Crosser IPA (Intelligent Process Automation) Edition. 

  • Only Intelligent Automation/RPA platform purpose built for Industrial businesses
  • Connect data from any apps, systems or machines.
  • ERP, MES, EAM, FSM, CRM - or any other three-letter abbreviation you depend on
  • Production, Maintenance, Engineering, Supply Chain, Sales & Marketing or Finance - any business team is empowered without being dependent on IT
  • Allow you to run automated workflows and integrations on-premise. Secure and fast
  • Launch Intelligent Workflows across your enterprise faster and easier thanks to the intuitive Low code Flow Studio.
  • The connector library supports +700 systems and applications.

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Fight Complexity with Simplicity

Self-Service Innovation powered by Crosser Flow Studio. Innovate faster than ever.

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop Flow Studio 
  • Use a rich library of pre-built modules
  • Leverage pre-built FlowApps - smart templates that saves you even more time
  • Reduce the workload of IT specialists and empower all departments to innovate
  • Enables collaboration across teams and sites
  • No more dependencies on single team members
  • Part of Crosser Cloud - The Design & Orchestration center.

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A Platform built for demanding companies

Design & Control from the Cloud. Deploy anywhere with the modern experience of a cloud platform.

  • Deploy the Crosser Node anywhere. On the Edge. On-Premise. In your data center or your private cloud.
  • Real-time, Event driven and Powerful. And small. 
  • One-click deployment of Flows. 
  • Real-time power for any Stream Analytics, Integration & Automation use case.
  • Simplicity and Flexibility. Use modules from the rich library or combine with your own code or ML models 
  • Enterprise Class Security, Scalability and Governance.
  • Loved by all. Business users, OT & IT teams and developers.

The Future is Hybrid

Experience the best of two worlds. 

  • Leverage the modern technologies of cloud and from having central Orchestration and Management for all your sites and assets.
  • Benefit from the advantages (security, latency and local data connectivity) of running processing on your own infrastructure, on-premise or at the edge. 
  • Run Horizontal Stream Analytics, Integration and Automation inside your firewall. 
  • Integrate with anything inside or outside the firewall.

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Self-service in mind from the ground up

Crosser’s platform was designed with ease-of-use and customer self-service in mind from the ground up...

Tobias Persson, Product Manager IoT, IFS

Great flexibility and speed

Valmet and our customers have high requirements in terms of performance, usability, and security. Crosser has met all these requirements with their easy-to-use solution.

Tomas Edstrom, Industrial Internet Manager, Valmet

Exactly what customers are asking for

It’s very easy to get started and there is an excellent online-training package which simplifies for everyone…”

Fabien Serre, CTO at Factory Groupe

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