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Bring your OPC data smoothly to the cloud

If you are in manufacturing, process industry, oil & gas or other asset-rich industries with many machines & equipment there is a good chance you are thinking about how to leverage this data in a better way. Either to gain insights to improve your processes or for optimizing your maintenance for an improved uptime.

Move away from siloed Historians

You might be thinking about moving away from keeping the siloed Historians at different sites and moving the data to the cloud or a centralized data center.

Crosser is committed to removing complexity out of the data collection and transformation process and our new OPC UA module is designed to let you get the machine data to the cloud as smoothly as possible.

Stream the data to the cloud - raw or pre-processed

With the new OPC UA module, you can get data from any OPC server into streaming analytics flows running on the Crosser edge node. Select, reformat and analyze your data using the extensive library of processing modules before sending the relevant data to the cloud. The Crosser library has modules for sending data directly to storage services in the cloud or for sending data through IoT hubs, in case additional processing is needed before hitting cloud storage.

The Crosser streaming analytics engine can combine data from multiple sources, where OPC UA could be one, into a single stream of data that is processed/analyzed in the edge and then deliver the result to multiple receivers, where the cloud could be one. You can also define actions based on the analysis of the data and send them locally, to another machine or on-premise system, where this information is needed.

OPC Classic and OPC UA

There are still a lot of OPC Classic servers in use and these are not accessible using modern network protocols. The easiest way to get access to this data is to use an OPC Classic-to-UA proxy that bridges the old world into the new by making this data accessible using OPC UA protocols.

The OPC UA module gives you access to a large range of machine data that can then be enhanced and processed with Crosser’s advanced streaming analytics engine even before it leaves the factory floor.

You will find more information on Crosser Edge Analytics solution here or contact us for a demo.

About the author

Goran Appelquist (Ph.D) | CTO

Göran has 20 years experience in leading technology teams. He’s the lead architect of our end-to-end solution and is extremely focused in securing the lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership for our customers.

"Hidden Lifecycle (employee) cost can account for 5-10 times the purchase price of software. Our goal is to offer a solution that automates and removes most of the tasks that is costly over the lifecycle.

My career started in the academic world where I got a PhD in physics by researching large scale data acquisition systems for physics experiments, such as the LHC at CERN. After leaving academia I have been working in several tech startups in different management positions over the last 20 years.

In most of these positions I have stood with one foot in the R&D team and another in the product/business teams. My passion is learning new technologies, use it to develop innovative products and explain the solutions to end users, technical or non-technical."