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Low Learning Curve

Our Low Code platform guarantees a Low Learning Curve.

At Crosser, we believe in the concept of Consumerization of Enterprise Software. It is possible to design modern Enterprise Software in a way that is intuitive, easy and smart. Software that doesn’t require long or specialized training.

Start Small. Go Big

Start with one simple use-case and add functionality over time.

Changing Flows is easy. Even if you have thousands of deployed Nodes. Do you have advanced requirements for analytics, want to run your own ML model or need custom back-end integrations? No problem. The Crosser Platform has what you need.

Empower more people to innovate - Clickers vs Coders

There are currently over half a million job openings worldwide for Software Engineers according to LinkedIn data and companies are investing more in digitalization than ever. But the skills shortage covers most areas and few believe the situation will improve. The opposite is a more likely scenario.

We want to accelerate innovation by lowering the bar and move the innovation power from the Coders to the Clickers, people without coding skills.

The Crosser Platform is a low code platform designed for collaboration and usage by any team: Automation Engineers, IT staff, Enterprise Architects, Developers, Data Scientists, Product Specialists, Maintenance Personnel and more.

Keep your independence.
Multi-cloud support

Large vendors want to offer vertically integrated solutions in order to get a bigger part of the business but also to increase the stickiness and make it more difficult for customers to change vendor.

Crosser is independent of both the hardware layer and the cloud layer giving you more choice and greater freedom.

Low Total Cost of ownership

We work really hard to remove friction and build smart features and automation in every step of the customer life-cycle. By simplifying the design phase and automating the provisioning, deployment, configuration and software updates you will spend more time innovating and less time maintaining and managing.

Innovate Faster

Easy-to-use drag and drop in combination with a rich library of pre-built modules makes innovation ultra-fast, no matter what your use-case is.

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Pioneers in Real-time technologies

The team behind Crosser have been pioneers within real-time event processing and communications since 2010. The Crosser real-time engine is the 6th generation, built on years of feedback, trial-and-error, and re-engineering in order to achieve the highest possible combination of processing speed, low latency, and flexibility.

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Modern Hybrid Platform - Future Proof

The real-time world puts new requirements that older platforms were never designed for. The Crosser platform uses the most modern technologies for maximum performance, simplicity, flexibility and lowest latency. Natively real-time.

The Hybrid Cloud and edge/on-premise architecture leverage the advantages with Docker containers and enable smooth deployment and orchestration.

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Bring your own AI - Edge MLOps Made Easy

No other platform offers the ability to integrate 3rd party ML frameworks in a Visual Flow. This gives you unlimited flexibility to innovate and optimize your business.

The Edge Director lets you manage your trained models and deploy them with ease across an unlimited number of Edge Nodes.

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The advantages of Swedish culture and tech legacy

The Swedish economy is built on innovative industrial and technology companies and the startup-ecosystem is one of the strongest around.

As a Swedish company, we put a lot of pride in delivering on our promises. Customer trust truly matters to us, it’s not a slogan. Support is handled by senior specialists that know our customers and their environment, not by junior call-center staff. And we answer the phone!

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