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The pricing for the Crosser Edge Analytics Solution is a monthly software fee based on a combination of Crosser Cloud and the Crosser Nodes.


Crosser Cloud is the Design, Management and Orchestration platform that simplifies building, deploying and managing a fleet of Edge Nodes. It is the control plane of the solution and no customer data is stored or processed in Crosser Cloud.

Tools & Main Features Description
Flow Studio Drag-and-drop flow builder for fast and easy innovation. A low-code platform that anyone can master.
Edge Director Secure provisioning of Edge Nodes. Mass configuration deployment. Version control. Automation of the life cycle of edge nodes and flows. Dynamic & automated deployment of used modules to Edge Nodes.
Edge MLOps Management of ML models including deployment into flows at any number of edge nodes. Version history and control.
Monitoring Dashboard Monitoring of Edge Nodes, Flows, Alerts, Users. Statistics of data processing volumes per node.
Cloud Sandbox A cloud based Edge Node for easy testing and building of Flows without having to install an Edge Node locally.
Live Test Mode / Remote Debug Connect to any deployed Edge Node while designing flows. Test your Flows with real data.
Credentials repository Central repository of Credentials for enhanced security and usability. Simplifies reusing API credentials without giving out the details. Enter your Cloud, SaaS and Enterprise system Credential once and reuse them for new Flows.
Code Modules for custom code Do you want to process the data in your own way? Use our code modules and deploy your custom code (currently C# and python) in combination with existing Crosser Modules in a Flow.
Universal Connector A five-step wizard to build reusable Modules for REST API's. Add an icon and the Module will appear in your Flow Studio for usage as any other module.
Open SDK Can´t find the module you need? Use our open SDK to build your own modules with C#/.NET core.
Resource Catalog A central library for your own resources like Tag Lists, ML models, python/C# scripts or any other file needed in the edge nodes. Simplifies management and reuse in different Flows.
Sensor Tag Management Built in time-saving features to simplify the selection and ongoing management of high volume of sensor tags
On Premise Installation of Crosser Cloud Installation of Crosser Cloud in your Private Cloud or your own on-premise data center available as an option.
Support Different support options available, including White-Glove pro-active Enterprise support.


The Crosser Edge Nodes is the real-time analytics engine that processes all the data wherever it is installed. On an edge device, a gateway, an on-premise server or VM or at a cloud provider. There is a monthly fee per Edge Node depending on the size and functionality (edition / add ons). Contact us for details.

Monthly Fee (annual billing)

Standard Edition Advanced Edition
MICRO: <10 sensors (tag) / node contact us contact us
SMALL: 11-50 sensors (tag) / node contact us contact us
MEDIUM: 51-250 sensors (tag) / node contact us contact us
LARGE: 251-1000 sensors (tag) / node contact us contact us
UNLIMITED contact us contact us

Add ons

Advanced Cloud Suite contact us
Notification Suite contact us
Machine Learning Frameworks contact us
Azure IoT Edge contact us

Contact us for a quote

Crosser Edge Node

Features and Module Summary

Monthly Fee (annual billing) Standard Edition Advanced Edition
Node Features
Deployed in Docker container Yes Yes
Live Test View Yes Yes
Format independent Yes Yes
Unlimited Flows per node Yes Yes
Multiple inputs & outputs per flow Yes Yes
Dynamic Module Provisioning Yes Yes
Data Collection Modules
Industrial protocols incl. OPC-UA & Modbus Yes Yes
S7 reader and writer Yes Yes
File formats Yes Yes
HTTP Listener & Requester Yes Yes
MQTT Sub broker & client Yes Yes
Advanced data resources Yes
Websockets Yes
SaaS applications REST API € Add-on Advanced Cloud Suite
Azure IoT Edge € Add-on
Compute & Analytics Modules
Standard Data Transformation Yes Yes
Standard Statistics & Analytics Yes Yes
Filtering Yes Yes
Advanced Compute Yes
Advanced Statistics & Analytics Yes
Aggregation Yes
Code modules Yes
Join & Split modules Yes
3rd Party python ML Frameworks € Add-on
Action Modules & Connectors
MQTT Streaming to Cloud IoT Hubs Yes Yes
MQTT External Broker Yes Yes
HTTP Publisher Yes Yes
Standard time-series and databases Yes Yes
Advanced on-premise systems (Databases, ERP, CRM) Yes
SaaS Applications REST API € Add-on Advanced Cloud Suite
Connectors for deep integration to Cloud Storage € Add-on Advanced Cloud Suite
Notification Suite (SMS, e-mail, Slack etc) € Add-on Advanced Notification Suite

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Pricing Q&A

Question Answer
What is a Self-service Trial? You sign up online for a trial and after verification and approval from us you will get log-in creditial to an account in Crosser Edge Cloud. You have then 30 days to try the Edge Analytics solution in the Cloud Sandbox or on your own hardware. After 30 days you may opt to stop the trial or to convert your trial to a paying Tier by signing a service agreeement. We will not ask for Credit Card information so there are no risks involves. You have full access to documentation for support during the trial. 
What is a Supported Trial? For a one-time support fee we will remotely support you with our structured POC program which includes training, onboarding, Q&A and regular webmeetings during the 30 day trial period.
Is a contract required? Yes. You will need to sign a service agreement that outlines your and our rights and obligations.
What is the billing frequency? After a Trial or POC we bill annually in advance. Add-on orders will be prorated to the renewal date. So if you install more Edge Nodes after 4 months we will invoice you the fee for the remaining 8 months until the contract renewal.
What is a Test Node? A Test Node is a Crosser Node deployed in a Docker Container in your lab for testing and staging. A Test Node may not be deployed in production. If it is deployed in production it will be billed as an Edge Node according to the price list.
Are there volume discounts? We understand that every case is different and that fixed price-lists sometime doesn´t work well.  Contact us to discuss your specific project and requirements.
What is connected sensors per node? A connected sensor is one sensor tag that the Edge Node collects as input data in a flow.
How do you calculate data sources that are not sensor data, for instance a database, ERP system etc? Contact us for a custom quotation. We use a conversion table that converts the data source to number of equivalent sensors.
Why are you basing the pricing on number of sensors? Our ambition is to align the pricing based on volume without using a consumption model (price per GB etc). We believe that predictability in cost is important so we charge a fixed fee per tier in five steps. From MICRO to UNLIMITED. 
Some sensors generate data with a higher frequency (like vibration), does that matter? With one exception, No. We treat each sensor the same independent from the frequency. A temperature, pressure, vibration, IR sensor etc are all counted as one sensor even if some sensors will generate significantly more data. The exception is Vision sensors with photo/video data.
We just crossed the limted to the next tier with a small margin, will we have to pay the full fee for the next tier or is there an intermidiate price? Talk to us. All projects are different and we can give you a custom quotation.
What happens if a node increases the number of sensors during a year, will you invoice me an arrear for overage charges? Technically nothing happens, each node can process as much data the hardware can support. But we will know as each node reports usage statistics back to the Crosser Cloud. If there is a very large increase we might open a discussion regarding the next billing period but we will not charge overage fees. Again, we believe predictability in cost is important.
Are there minimum order quantities. Yes. To keep your and our administrative cost resonable there are minimum order quantities for MICRO & SMALL. Contact us. 

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