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Meet Crosser at Hannover Messe 2022

Hall 5 | Stand B48

Let's create the Industry of Tomorrow

Meet the Crosser team and deep dive into use cases and real life projects together with our customers and partners.

During this year's edition of Hannover Messe, we show case both old and new features in the Crosser platform, specially designed to radically simplify the way your industry works with your digital projects.

Learn more about:

  • Low Code Development for Industry 4.0
  • How to easily connect to +800 Industrial Systems
  • How to simplify Machine Learning & AI Projects

At the stand, we offer introductions and discussions about our customers and partners' current projects. If you are interested in a custom demo of any current challenge in your business - Please don't hesitate to book an appointment with one of our experts.

Join the Daily Use Case Deep Dive Session

In these live sessions, Crosser experts will guide you through a handful of common industrial analytics and integrations challenges - focusing on the business value and the technical setup. Look into the schedule and find the daily theme that fit your needs:

Monday - The Intelligent Edge Layer ↓
  • Advanced Edge Analytics
  • Edge Analytics & Integration
Tuesday - Intelligent Industry (Machine Learning & AI ↓
  • Machine Learning for the Factory Floor
  • Shop Floor to Top Floor Data Integration
Wednesday - Intelligent Enterprise Integration ↓
  • Enterprise Integration
  • Intelligent Process (data) Automation
Thursday - Intelligent Edge to Cloud Integration ↓
  • Edge to Cloud Integration
May 30 The Intelligent Edge Layer

Advanced Edge Analytics

Data Transformation and Normalisation for connected assets. Using Crosser pre-built analytics modules for rapid innovation and implementation of Edge Analytics.

Example - Production Optimisation for Metallurgy Industry

Better insights in production and quality. Fetching data from OT, normalising and persistent to database


Edge Analytics & Integration

Low code innovation for radically simplifying enterprise integration of asset, system and customer data.

Partner Example - Chemical usage reduction for Clothing Industries

Optimization for Clothing Industries. Cost effective and easy to manage platform for helping end users to reduce their chemical usage. Production ready solution, with zero-touch provisioning together with Microsoft Azure and Moxa (AIG). Crosser low code innovation for customized end user setup.

May 31 Intelligent Industry (Machine Learning & AI)

Machine Learning for the Factory Floor

Streaming analytics for process optimization and asset efficiency.

Partner Example - Production Optimisation within Manufacturing

Utilizing custom Machine Learning models on the factory floor. Crosser combined with Microsoft Azure services. Delivered in partnership with CGI.


Machine learning at the Edge

Learn how to utilize the Crosser Platform to enable Machine Learning for any asset on the Factory Floor. Implement any custom model and test it with live data.

Example - Waste Reduction for Pulp & Paper Industry

Using Machine Learning models for reducing chemical waste and optimizing the process. 

June 1 Intelligent Enterprise Integration

Intelligent Process (data) Automation

Streaming data workflows for automated processes.

Example - Automated workflows for maritime

Automated ship- and passenger data workflows for third party integration. Bonus Example: Support optimization Support Tickets to Salesforce and Support Team


Shop Floor to Top Floor Data Integration

Intelligent data integration between MES and ERP systems. Transform and normalize data for ML use cases.

Example - Machine Data and ML to ERP for Food Production Industries

Integrate MES with ERP, sending data over industrial Message Bus. Edge ML for process optimization. Edge integration to SAP.  

June 2 Intelligent Edge to Cloud Integration

Edge to Cloud Integration

The most common use case of today. Connect to machines and assets, transform and normalize data, and integrate to designated cloud service (IoT Hub, Data Lakes and Storage

Partner Example - Multi Cloud Integration within Glass Industry

Smart Factory architecture, for integrating machine and asset data into multiple cloud solutions and services. Low code edge analytics and data transformation. Integrating to Microsoft Azure and Google Bigquery.  

About the author

Johan Jonzon | CMO

CMO & Co-founder

Johan has 15 years background working with marketing in all possible type of projects. A true entrepreneurial spirit operating between strategic and hands-on details. He leads our marketing efforts as well as the product UI design.

Sales and market-oriented with a focus on getting the job done. He has worked with web and communication in Sweden and internationally since 1999. Since 2012, Johan has been focusing on real-time communication, and the business and operational benefits that comes with analyzing streaming data close to the data sources.

I want everything we do to be clean, simple and very, very user-friendly. We strive to be the clear leader in usability among our peers.