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Crosser announces new CTO to strengthen its Edge Computing solution

Stockholm/Sundsvall – Oct.17, 2017 – Crosser, a leader in Intelligent Edge Computing software (or “Fog Computing”) for industrial and enterprise IoT, today has named Göran Appelquist to the role of Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for the company.

Göran will join Crosser’s leadership team, reporting directly to Crosser’s CEO, Martin Thunman. Prior to Crosser, Göran held the position of CTO of Edgeware, a company he joined as the first hired employee and played a key role in the successful growth and IPO of the company (STO: EDGE). Prior to Edgeware Göran held technical leadership positions such as CTO and Director of R&D at Digital Vision. He holds a Ph.D. in physics from Stockholm University.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with an amazing team at Edgeware and to be part of the whole journey from very early days through the IPO”, said Göran. “I believe the Edge Computing market will be huge and I'm very excited to join the Crosser team, with their ambition to offer the best solution in this industry.”

"I am very excited to welcome Göran to our team," said Martin Thunman, CEO and co-founder of Crosser. "His strategic and technical leadership experience from joining two companies at early stages and being part of taking them public will be important for us as we embark on our own journey of growth. Görans ability to understand market trends, customer requirements as well as deep tech and translate that into market-leading solutions will be very valuable for us".

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About Crosser

Crosser designs and develops intelligent edge computing software for industrial and enterprise IoT applications. The Crosser Fog Computing solution offloads the Cloud services, provides real-time analytics and decision-making capabilities close to IoT sensors and IoT devices. This substantially reduces Cloud services cost and bandwidth costs and gives a sub-millisecond response time on data streams for real-time local actions. The software is ideally suited for enterprise customers in a variety of industries and applications including Industrial IoT, supply chain, healthcare, smart buildings and smart cities.

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