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Paessler and Crosser: Partnership enables central monitoring of IT and OT

Nuremberg/Munich, Germany, October 26, 2021 - Network monitoring specialist Paessler and Crosser, an expert in streaming analytics, integration and automation software, will collaborate to provide customers with all-round monitoring of their IT and OT environments. Based on Crosser's pre-processing of OT data, PRTG Network Monitor can integrate OT environments and devices into the overall monitoring. This provides users with a dashboard where they can keep a central overview of IT and OT. Interested parties can learn more about the joint solution at this year's SPS from November 23 to 25 at booth 140 and 244 in hall 5.

The merging of IT and OT creates new opportunities to optimize processes or even set up new workflows. In this context, it is important to constantly monitor all components, such as machines, production sites, IT infrastructures and networks.

"Since OT has always been isolated from IT, there are many protocols beyond MQTT or UPC UA that are used in the OT world but are not supported by any IT monitoring solution out of the box," says Helmut Binder, CEO of Paessler AG. "With a central monitoring solution, it is possible to track complex processes across internal boundaries. To do this, of course, this solution must support all the necessary functions and be able to communicate with both IT and OT devices. As part of our Uptime Alliance, we have therefore found an experienced partner in Crosser to offer precisely this solution."

Platform enables IIoT communication

With its platform, Crosser simplifies the development of integrations or automations between machines, systems and services. The company enables real-time analytics, integration, and automation between different data sources or systems in manufacturing. It also provides horizontal integration between machines and vertical integration and workflow automation between layers in the IT/OT technology stack.

"We have developed a platform that is specifically suited for industrial IoT and for companies with many assets and their specific requirements,"

says Crosser's Director DACH, Kai Schwab. "Our platform collects data from every OT device in every OT protocol, pre-processes that data and translates it into IT protocols. That's where Paessler's PRTG comes in, because it reads the preprocessed data and maps it to the central dashboard."

Merging of IT and OT

Through the technological partnership, the companies ensure that problems with the IT/OT infrastructure and data traffic are identified at an early stage. In this way, rapid troubleshooting becomes possible while disruptions can be avoided.

PRTG and Crosser at a glance:

  • Crosser enables the analytics, integration, and automation of workshops and machines into PRTG. This is based on PRTG's advanced options for alerting, notification and publishing data.
  • IT, OT and environmental conditions are brought together, both technically and visually. This creates a holistic overview of the entire production process.
  • Avoid downtime and ensure production performance through reduced MTTR and predictive maintenance.

About Paessler AG

In 1997, Paessler revolutionized IT monitoring with the introduction of PRTG Network Monitor. Today, more than 300,000 IT administrators in over 170 countries rely on PRTG to monitor their systems, networks and devices. PRTG monitors the entire IT infrastructure around the clock and helps IT professionals solve problems before users are affected.

Paessler's mission is to empower technical teams to manage their infrastructure, minimize their resource consumption and thus ensure maximum productivity. To achieve this, the monitoring expert builds on long-term partnerships and integrative, holistic solutions. Paessler goes beyond classic IT networks and develops solutions to support digital transformation strategies and the Internet of Things. Learn more about Paessler and PRTG Network Monitor at

About Crosser

Crosser designs and develops Streaming Analytics, Automation and Integration software for any Edge, On-premise or Cloud. The Crosser Platform enables real-time processing of streaming, event-driven or batch data for Industrial IoT and Intelligent Workflows. It is the only platform of its kind that is purpose-built for Industrial and Asset Rich organizations.

The solution is built to fight complexity with simplicity through the Crosser Flow Studio, the visual design tool that enables teams to innovate faster than ever without developers. The software is ideally suited for Enterprise customers of various industries and applications, including Edge Analytics, Industrial Connectivity, Industry 4.0, Streaming Analytics, Hybrid Integration and Intelligent Workflows. Learn more about Crosser at

More information:

Crosser contact person:
Kai Schwab
Director DACH

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