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Intelligent Process Automation (IPA)

As an enterprise you can´t ignore your legacy systems but with Crosser IPA you can make your messy legacy part of your digital future.

Preliminary findings from our 2021 Benchmark Report show that:

  • 95% agree that creating real-time workflows and automations
    between systems is a challenge
  • 79% report that the mix of legacy, on-premise and cloud apps
    creates a challenge
  • 74% think that data silos is a challenge

Join our CEO Martin Thunman and CTO Göran Appelquist on this exclusive product launch webinar and learn about Crosser IPA and why it matter.


  • What is Hyperautomation
  • Why a hybrid architecture is a must for industrial and asset rich companies
  • The opportunities with integrating the shop floor with the top floor
  • Crosser IPA product highlights
  • IPA key use cases

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