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Crosser and Snowflake

Simplified Edge and On-Premise Data Ingestion to Snowflake

Intelligent Data Flows and Pipelines of Edge/On-Premise Data to Snowflake with Low Code Simplicity

Ingest ready-to-use data to Snowflake - from any data source

No matter where your data is located, in the edge, on-premises, in your cloud or in a SaaS service, use Crosser to run batch ETL and Streaming ETL to ingest ready-to-use data to Snowflake.

Crosser Tutorial

Crosser and Snowflake Data Ingestion Tutorial

In this tutorial, you will see how you can use Crosser to transfer ready to use Machine Data into Snowflake.

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Crosser and Snowflake Reference Architecture

Understand how Crosser fits in, and complement your current architecture, for streaming ready to use data to Snowflake - and back.