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Be your Best at the Moment of Service

About the Partnership

Crosser Partner Pages IFS

IFS develops and delivers enterprise software for companies around the world designed and built to respond to customers’ needs when shifting to digital business models.

Crosser as a global partner enables IFS customers to integrate, act on and create value from their IoT data. The combined solution empowers IFS customers to use machine data for digitalization of industrial use cases.

Crosser and IFS Connected Factory Setup

IFS Connected Factory

IFS Connected Factory solution offers seamless integration with a factory floor with advanced edge analytics capabilities.

Crosser enables real-time integration of machine and asset data to IFS Cloud and IFS MES Module.

Learn more about Crosser for IFS Connected Factory here →

Crosser and IFS Reference Architecture

Architectural overview of the Crosser and IFS Setup. 

Crosser IFS Reference Architecture