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Crosser Webinar Recording

Simplify your On-premise Data Ingestion for Databricks Lakehouse with Crosser

About This Webinar Recording

Join us for a live webinar on how to overcome the challenges associated with securely and efficiently sending on-premise data to Databricks Lakehouse using Crosser's low-code integration platform. Explore the benefits of an event-driven data architecture with the combined solutions.

Dr. Göran Appelquist, industry expert and Crosser CTO, will walk you through the value and technical setup of automated data workflows and processes to Databricks Lakehouse using Crosser.

Welcome to Crosser Webcast - where Intelligent Integrations meet Enterprise Data.


  • On-Premise Data Integration: challenges and limitations
  • Ingest ready-to-use data to Databricks - from any data source and put it to action
  • Benefits of an event-driven data architecture with Crosser and Databricks
  • Live Demo: Learn how the Crosser custom connector for Databricks can accelerate your digital projects