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Working with Deep Tech

Businesses around the world are trying to figure out how to transform their businesses with an increased digitalization. For many corporates lays the answer in using and integrating sensor-data in their business processes and offerings. This is called IoT and many argue that IoT is the next Industrial Revolution. Sensor data in combination with smart processes and business innovation will accelerate the pace of innovation in many areas.

Crosser is in the middle of this. Edge Computing (or Fog Computing as it is also called) is quickly coming up as one of the most promising technologies with both Gartner and Forrester having it on their Top 10 Enterprise Technologies for 2018 lists.

Name a market worth $18 billion in a few years with a 500% growth rate that almost no one knows about"
Source: IoT Evolution World

Open Positions

Front-End/UX Developer

Do you love great design and UX? Do you code Javascript and CSS? Have you worked with frameworks like VUe.js? - Well, what are you waiting for?
We want you in our core team in Sundsvall.

Fullstack Developer

We are moving between machine plc, operating servers, raspberry pi:s, gateways, local data centers, cloud services and more. Jumping between Linux, Windows, and Unix. We are building cross-platform solutions for cross-connection devices ahead.

Experienced Pre/Post Sales Engineer and DevOps

Are you looking to move beyond just using your skills, to applying them to helping create the next industrial revolution? We are aware that you are searching for the next big thing! Join us at Crosser!

Frontend/Backend Developer

The company now needs to strengthen its R&D team in Sundsvall with an experienced software developer interested in QA. The main responsibility will be to enhance the company’s QA processes, but also to be part of the development of new software features.