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Data collection and usage analysis for remote condition monitoring. The main objective of the digitalization project is to change the business model to machine-as-a-service and charge for usage and consumables instead of one-time payment and service agreements.


Machines are getting a new gateway installed and have local ethernet connectivity with 3G/4G fallback. Expected bandwidth constraints for customers in South America, Asia, and Africa drive the demand for small updates and filtering. Mainly standard protocols (Profinet/Profibus).


Streaming Analytics for the connected assets
  • Run cycles and stops (expected / unexpected)
  • Consumables (Usage)
Send notifications and updates to service engineers and manufacturers
  • Notify Manufacturer when service and maintenance actions should be initiated
  • Personified notifications due to competence and geographical presences/responsibility
Enhanced Security
  • Enhanced security requirements due to the risk of patent theft and IP replication


Crosser Node deployed in the machine gateway:
  • Deploying run cycle algorithm and stops detection data flow
  • Deploying Consumables algorithm and connecting to the customer data center
  • A gateway connected to end-user wifi with 3G/4G fallback o Standard security setup with certificate and TLS
  • Deploy SMS notification data flow for designated service technicians
Crosser Cloud:
  • Customer organization set up with roles

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