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When deploying an advanced logistics and supply chain management system with real-time data the legacy data center couldn´t handle the high number of requests. Need to handle hundreds of connected devices and real-time updates per second.


Legacy data center with many legacy dependencies to other systems. Modern devices with modern functionality and interfaces connected.


Off-loading legacy systems
  • The legacy data center wasn´t built for real-time communication
  • Add real-time engine to parse incoming data
Integration to 3rd party systems (legacy)
  • Database triggers to update event-driven records
Future Proof Legacy Data Center
  • Ambition to increase the real-time usage of the system with more functionality and services.
  • Requires a flexible real-time engine that can easily accommodate new use cases over time


Crosser Node deployed in a Virtual Machine inside the firewall
  • Custom C# functionally added
  • Scaling enabled with fallback server
  • Enhanced security with TLS

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