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Process automation control loops connected to cloud service for global IoT analytics. Proof of concept revealing heavy cloud service costs. Need to filter data and move functions and analytics to the edge to lower the total cost of the system.


A global set of process sites. Different Machine Execution Systems and fragmented IT-architecture. Current solution streams control loops directly into cloud service without any edge computing applied. Need for both filtering and architectural changes (moving analytics to the edge) for radical cost reduction and enhanced performance.


Cost reduction when using Cloud services for Industrial use-cases
  • Use Edge Computing to run models instead of designated cloud suite saves cloud costs with a factor of 10.
  • Enhanced performance for millisecond analysis of control loops. When the results are needed locally.
  • Combine the cloud providers IoT-offer with independent edge provider increases the level of independence for the system owner.


Crosser Node deployed in a Virtual Machine inside the firewall:
  • Extended tag management - overviewing several factory loops
  • Applied Edge Analytics to downsize data sent to designated cloud service
  • Multiple connector modules integrating to the on-premise data center, cloud service and cloud storage
  • Edge Node bypassing cloud services by processing data locally before sending for cloud storage
Crosser Cloud:
  • Customer organization set up with roles o Resources library setup

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