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Global Manufacturer wants to take the lead in real-time remote condition monitoring and predictive maintenance within the process industry. Using anomaly detection algorithms and machine models for predicting and optimizing machine runtime windows.


Machines are already connected through customers local ethernet. All computing and communication can be initiated and deployed within local gateways or virtual machines. The end-user base i very fragmented in terms of security and architecture. Issues with data access rights, where the machine builder may want more data than the machine owner is prepared to provide. Also fragmented base of protocols and OT-systems running the machines globally.


Real-time analytics and Machine Models
  • Running Machine models at the edge for millisecond analysis and anomaly detection
  • Take action on real-time insights and notify engineers/control board
  • Horizontal integration to other Machine Execution Systems (MES)
Fragmented Stack of Protocols
  • Support for proprietary, legacy and future protocols
  • Reformat legacy protocols to adapt to Cloud provider requirements of IOT data communication
Remote updates and Version control
  • Ease of use when overview, updating and maintaining global software deployments
Tag Management
  • Simplified Tag Management due to a huge amount and very fragmented set of tags.
Notifications and Messaging
  • Integration of real-time messaging to service engineers and OT-systems


Crosser Node deployed in the machine gateway:
  • Development of custom modules for proprietary protocols
  • Connector modules for Amazon Web Services
  • Deploy Machine Models for Runtime Window Monitoring
Crosser Cloud
  • Customer organization set up with roles
  • Resources library setup

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