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The factory owner and manufacturer jointly evaluate different AI-algorithms for the process industry. Combining historical data with real-time analytics to train designated AI-services.


Difficulties to connect to designated machines due to complex and complicated OT-system and security concerns.


Apply multiple AI-algorithms for real-time use-cases
  • Edge computing and analytics for collecting data
  • Tag Management for data selection
Sandbox, testing, and comparison of AI-functions
  • Self Service requirements
  • Shortage of developers/programmers
  • Limited time for deployments
Organizations constraints due to many stakeholders within the project
  • Roles based usage of Edge software


Crosser Node deployed in a virtual machine inside the firewall:
  • Connecting to OSI-Soft PI and retrieving OPC-data
  • Specific data tag management. Focusing on specific tags
  • Deploying data cleansing and preparation algorithms for AI testing
  • Sending data to Amazon Web Services, where AI algorithm is running
Crosser Cloud:
  • Customer organization set up with roles o Resources library setup

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