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Set up Your environment

Once you have designed a Flow in the Flow Studio the next step is to test it and then deploy it for permanent execution. For this you need a Node and there are several options available:

  • Sandbox - Sandboxes are Nodes hosted by Crosser that are available from within the Flow Studio. Sandboxes are only intended for testing, you cannot deploy Flows to sandboxes. Since sandbox Nodes are hosted in the cloud you can only reach systems accessible from the Internet.
  • Self-hosted Nodes - You can install Nodes on your own infrastructure, either as a Docker container or as a Windows service. These Nodes can be used both for testing and permanent deployment of Flows. Since you can install them anywhere, you can also use them with Flows that need access to systems and services that are not accessible from the Internet.
    For information on how to install Nodes see here →.
  • Crosser-hosted Nodes  - If you have an IPA subscription your account comes with one Node hosted by Crosser (in Azure). You can use this Node for both testing and deploying Flows.