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Crosser First Year in DACH - Interview Martin Thunman, CEO and Kai Schwab, Regional Sales Director DACH

What a year for Crosser in DACH

“Wow, what a year for Crosser in DACH!” says Martin Thunman, CEO and co-founder. “We have expanded the customer base into all DACH countries and have established key partnerships and alliances in the market.”

Mr. Thunman continues: “The pandemic has impacted us of course, as it has most companies, but we are still a bit fortunate. In contrast to many other solution providers in this industry, we advise our customers to tame the Industry 4.0 beast one use case at the time, starting small and growing from there. The self-service capabilities of the Crosser Solution enables us to sell, onboard, and train our customers 100% remotely. This has made it possible for us to keep the momentum in the industry during this challenging period.”

One of the key visions of the Crosser low-code platform is that it should empower existing OT/IT teams to innovate and build advanced solutions faster and at a much lower cost than any other solution. But also to stay independent from external firms.

“We have expanded the customer base into all DACH countries and have established key partnerships and alliances in the market.” Martin Thunman, CEO & Co-founder

“The pandemic is accelerating the topic of increased digitalisation, in our view” says Martin Thunman, “but there is a skills and resource challenge in the industry. We believe the digitalisation of industries is one third technology and two third people and processes. Companies that focus on the soft topics and can empower their teams to do more with less resources will have a key advantage”.

The momentum that Mr. Thunman is referring to is also visible in global terms. Crosser now has customers, partners, and on-going trials and tests on almost all continents. With a great variety of use cases and areas of implementations - including Smart Cities, Smart Factories, Smart Vehicles, and Smart Assets.

With Mr. Thunmans global view in mind, we turn our eyes on Europe and the Dach region. What is the status of Industry 4.0 in Europe and DACH?

For a starter, it is clear that the DACH region is at the forefront of digitalization. We meet many already advanced projects and requests. Machine Learning is in focus and preventive analysis of machine data. It is used to trigger work orders and alarms within organizations. Machines have almost started "talking" about their current condition and future needs.

One example of this is GEBHARDT Fördertechnik; GEBHARDT was looking for a solution to minimize or eliminate some designated maintenance costs. They turned to us at Crosser for simplifying the collection of data and deployment of their ML algorithms. 

"I would say that GEBHARDT is an excellent example of the companies we meet in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland today. Forward leaning and innovation-oriented in both culture and mind" says Kai Schwab, Crosser Regional Sales Director DACH.

Being in charge of Crosser in the DACH region, Mr. Schwab knows what he is talking about, having daily meetings with management leaders in almost all industrial verticals.

"I get a request from all different kinds of enterprises, Mr. Schwab continues. "But there is a small overweight of Smart Factory requests, and Machine Manufactures of course," Schwab adds.

"The people reaching out to us have often tried a couple of projects and technologies already and have a very good view of the need from a solution like Crosser. Simplicity is essential, as well as technical reliability. They are looking for solutions that help them innovate faster." says Mr. Schwab and leans towards the screen.

"I would say that GEBHARDT is an excellent example of the companies we meet in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland today. Forward leaning and innovation-oriented in both culture and mind" Kai Schwab, Crosser Regional Sales Director DACH.

So what have we learned out of this first year in the DACH region?

We asked Mr. Schwab to summarize his impression from the customers, partners, and trial users that he has met in the last couple of months:

  • The Need - is simplified data collection. How do industries get their hands on their data in a much easier way? Complex systems and setups are a big hurdle, especially for scaling successful POC:s.
  • The Challenges - complexity and uncertainty regarding where to start, tech decisions, usage of Machine Learning and how to guarantee ROI
  • The Overall Status - is that the race has begun. Everyone is working with this as we speak. And they are doing great stuff.
  • It is clear that we deliver Value with both a technical and business perspective, which means that our clients currently solve demanding technological challenges in a much more cost-efficient way.

So if that summarizes the insights from this first year, what do you predict for the upcoming 12 months?

  • The market is about to accelerate. Literally, every new contact we make has an ongoing initiative.
  • The technology is still a challenge - the need for simplified ways to collect and analyze data will remain.
  • Agility and continuous improvements are in focus. Time to Value is the essence.
  • And finally it is all about Partnership and doing more with less. Building of partnerships and an eco-system will be one of the success factors.

To summarize, the overall impression of Crosser’s first year in DACH is very positive and promising. There is an obvious need to transform business and process using asset data - and Crosser has an excellent fit for accelerating that transformation. We are looking forward to next year in DACH.

See the recorded interview with Mr. Schwab here:

Read the GEBHARDT Case Study here:

About the author

Johan Jonzon | CMO

Johan has 15 years background working with marketing in all possible type of projects. A true entrepreneurial spirit operating between strategic and hands-on details. He leads our marketing efforts as well as the product UI design.

Sales and market-oriented with a focus on getting the job done. He has worked with web and communication in Sweden and internationally since 1999. Since 2012, Johan has been focusing on real-time communication, and the business and operational benefits that comes with analyzing streaming data close to the data sources.

“I want everything we do to be clean, simple and very, very user-friendly. We strive to be the clear leader in usability among our peers.”

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