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Bringing together all stakeholders who play an active role in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Process Digitalization or Maintenance, MES, Plant & Automation Management

Industrial IoT Talk is the leading annual meeting which brings together some of the most influential practitioners across the global digital value chain from small job shops to multinational industrial product firms. Industrial IoT Talk will take a closer look at what fuels the global drive behind digital transformation Industry 4.0 revealing some powerful emerging trends with strong potential to challenge the way we all collaborate.

The fourth industrial revolution is here and it offers manufacturers a unique opportunity to embrace technology across all areas of their business. By rethinking every aspect of the organisation from a digital perspective it will create more value, improve efficiency and build an environment to offer market leading products & services to customers. 

Meet the makers and shakers of Swedish IoT gather to update each other on the latest development in different industries, applications and technologies by sharing real-life cases from the trenches, and to touch base with friends in our rapidly growing ecosystem.

Maintenance Analytics Summit 2019

23 & 24th May 2019, Birger Jarl Hotel, Stockholm

The Maintenance Analytics Summit is an annual event bringing together practitioners, experts, academia, and visionaries working with Data-Driven Maintenance to share ideas, and discuss ways to harness the full potential of machine data and Advanced Analytics...

Predictive Analytics World is the leading vendor independent conference for applied machine learning for industry 4.0.

Business users, decision makers and experts in predictive analytics will meet on 6-7 May 2019 in Munich to discover and discuss the latest trends and technologies in machine & deep learning for the era of Internet of Things and artificial intelligence.

Meet our Edge Experts and view our Edge Analytics Demo. Get to know the Flow Studio and design and deploy real-time data flows directly to the demo.

The IIoT Strategies Summit is returning for a second edition at the Grand Altis Hotel, Lisbon on the 13-14th March 2019 

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is redefining the industrial landscape. Providing dramatic productivity and efficiency improvements opportunities throughout the production and distribution process. 

Meet Crosser experts and experience industry 4.0 solutions through live demos and to try out revolutionary technologies interactively.

Crosser is selected among 34 other companies to help HIAB - the world’s leading provider of on-road load handling equipment...

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